Friday, March 27, 2009

Smooth threads

When I arrived inworld last night my short and pathetic friend list was decidedly unbolded. (Oh, apart from Chey who said a quick hello. Hello Chey!) And given my recent regained enthusiasm for discovering new and exciting sartorial elegance, due in the mostpart to a fashionista vampiress, I decided to go shopping. I had some L$ lying around burning a hole in my pocket, y'see.

Now, this is not a fashion feed blog thing, and it never will be. For one thing I'd be rubbish at it given I'm not very good with listing product names and shops and designers and costs and stuff! But I thought I'd share with you, my lovely readers (and the not so lovely ones too), what you may see me out and about in during the next however long. That assumes we ever cross paths, of course.

First things first - I hate the lag that seems to universally occur when I am shopping. It's definitely a real buzz kill.

But yeah, so there we go. I think, looking at that stuff above, I need to be invited to a few more balls. It's not exactly beachwear is it? Although I guess wearing a kilt to the beach could be quite refreshing.

I definitely spent too much money, but I could easily have spent more. A lot more. Last night's retail therapy comprised RFyre and Silent Sparrow. I spent ages just wandering round marvelling at the amazing detail of the clothing. Some designers really are talented, you know. Stylish and well-made threads. It never ceases to blow my mind. Sure there was some stuff there I'll never wear but there was a lot I could see myself clothes-horsing. I think I did well to restrict myself to two outfits from each shop.

Oh, and if I ever need a suit of chainmail for some sort of knight-rescues-the-damsel-from-the-evil-dragon-stroke-witch scenario (it could happen - and in fact perhaps I need the outfit in my wardrobe just in case?) I know exactly where I am headed, Miss Raven Pennyfeather.

One more thing before I leave though, and that's just to wonder how on earth people who blog about fashion and releases and clothes and stuff do it? Time-wise, I mean. How do they get it all done and still have time for a SLife? I have major admiration for them. Getting outfits options and poses and hair and stuff sorted for that picture above took a CSI:Miami and half a Criminal Minds. And it still looks amateur compared to the gently soft-lit, smooth-edged stuff we see every day around the blogosphere. Talented photoshoppers, I salute you. EDIT: and how do I get rid of those annoying jagged edges to clothing, particular trousers (pants, if you're North American?)

And no, I don't know quite what's happened to my leg in the pose on the left. Maybe it's caught in a rabbit hole. Or something.


  1. I didnt think CSI:Miami was any good last night anyway, but its a pity you missed Criminal Minds.

    SL is laggy on our Thur nights - must be LL backup time.

  2. Oh, I didn't miss them. I have a laptop remember :)

  3. About the jagged edges, there's an easy fix but it depends on your having planty of space on your hard drive to store high-resolution images.

    Instead of screencapping as-is, or taking snapshots and saving them to disk, open the Advanced Menu in your SL viewer (CTRL + ALT + D will toggle that menu on and off) and check 'High-res Snapshot'. Now, whenever you save a snapshot to your hard drive it will be in a very big resolution (3000-ish pixels across). When you edit it in your graphics program of choice, you'll obviously need to resize it, but in doing that you'll get rid of those horrible jagged edges.

    Hm. You've given me an idea for a blog tutorial ;)

  4. Thanks for the advice, Mar. I'll give it a try.


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