Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For whatever reason, a combination of a lack of time, other distractions and a healthy dose of apathy have led to minimal inworld participation in recent weeks. Just needing more damn sleep than usual hasn't helped either. It's winter so perhaps I'm turning into a squirrel and need to hibernate or something. But that's another issue.

Well, this last weekend saw a bit of an upturn in time devoted to self-pixelation and it made a refreshing change. I got to hang with old friends and dance a bit and listen to some live music and play adult truthball and everything. I think I am close to being bitten by the Linden-bug again. I am trying to resist but I know I will fail. I guess it's not a bad thing. It just means that I will spend excessive amounts of time browsing free stuff on XStreet during the day again, I will feel the need to develop a new 'style' but struggle to decide what that should be, and I will spend too much on clothes I never wear. Oh, and I will probably feel compelled to rent land again too.


  1. I'm contemplating pre-paying my rent by, say, maybe 6 months and wait & see. Haven't logged into SL for weeks and don't miss it :O


  2. How about the people though, Q? Don't you miss the people?

  3. Come to the dark side.

    We have cookies. :)


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