Sunday, May 30, 2010

Location location location

This blog is rapidly becoming one solely dedicated to Swirly Disco Flames, eh? It's not by design. It's just that I am so rarely inworld at the moment that what little time I do have is spent sorting out gallery stuff.

In my last post I intimated that the sim my gallery was on was going through some changes and so you'd have to be patient if you were on the hunt for some abstract art. Since then the changes have been more drastic. Idle Rogue and the Beautiful Freaks, the music venue and audio-visual performance extravanganza combo, lifted up their corporate tent pegs and relocated to another sim. As merely a side stall at the carnival they've become I thought it wise to go with, especially when the offer of space to house my artistic dabblings was extended to the new location.

As a result, you will now find me on Viva La Glam. It is quite some sim, with a retro 50s diner and roller rink as well as the ultimate burlesque experience that is The Factory. I think the Slaughtered Lam Pub is also around there somewhere too.

My sparkly white new gallery is just up the hill from the main town centre bit but just below the mountain that the Big Top that houses the Beautiful Freaks sits astride.

I wanted my gallery up there, so I could look down on everyone like Zeus atop Mount Olympus, using people as playthings for my amusement. I was told no.

But yes, anyway, the new gallery is sparkly and white, has the Spring Spirals collection on display at present, and also houses the three sale vendors that are living on borrowed time.

There's also a little lounge area to sit and relax. Given I has just surrendered my little plot of land yesterday there's a fair chance you might even find me sat around there, waiting for customers to chat to. You should stop by and say hello sometime.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Look up

OK, please bear with me. If you've recently tried to TP to the Swirly Disco Flames gallery (maybe to check out the Spring Spirals collection or the new but limited-time-only sales vendors you may have arrived to find yourself in a location more resembling a field than a gallery. This happened to me last night, as it happens.

It turns out that Idle Rogue, both the commerical and venue areas, are under-going construction. I am led to believe the revamp will be astonishing.

In the meantime, however, do not fear. You can still get your fix of abstract art. Just lift your eyes heavenward and all will be revealed. Swirly Disco Flames is still there. It has just developed a slight distaste for gravity.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back catalogue

I had the idea that I might create a back catalogue of my art in Flickr and embed it here. I am hoping it works. Fingers crossed, eh?

This is stuff that has at one time or another been on sale in my gallery. I still have it all hidden away in my inventory so can sell you a piece from there if you so desire. The only stuff I can't sell is the custom-made stuff I created for people.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last chance sales

Swirly Disco Flames is undergoing a change of policy.

In the past, when I have released new collections, the most recent collection has just been added to an in-store vendor so the old art was still available there. But this process was getting unwieldy. The vendor was getting quite full.

After all, there was my original collection, the Symmetry collection, the Aroha collection, the collection designed for the satellite gallery and of course the ill-conceived St Paddy's day collection. This is on top of the odd one or two that didn't warrant inclusion in a whole collection. As I say, the vendor was getting quite full.

I had the idea of multiple vendors, but didn't consider that for long as I had a better idea. At least I think it's a better idea. Basically, my art will now be limited edition. Or at least it will be available for a limited time period. Once a new collection is released the old stuff will no longer be for sale. It'll make it more exclusive, I think. Or something.

But, rather than just remove all my old stuff from sale without giving anyone any notice at all I thought I'd try heading down the road of a sale. So that's what I am doing. Right now.

All my art that was previously on sale is now bundled up in three vendors in store at the drastically reduced prices of 20L, 30L or 40L. Each vendor contains art of the same price to make it nice and easy for you.

So please come on down and don't miss this last chance to grab some collector's editions, old pieces of Marnix memorabilia that will soon be gone forever.

And while you're at it you can check out the recently release Spring Spirals collection.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Spirals

Spring has sprung, in northern hemisphere at least. As a result I thought it timely to maybe work on some new art. Something in pastels and spring colours and such.

The long hours spend behind numerous canvases (canvi?) finally yielded results and today I am pleased to announce the release of a new collection entitled 'Spring Spirals'. You can see a selection of the sparkly and new Swirly Disco Flames below on my brand new shiny advert.

Each piece is still a bargain at only 100L a pop. And you'll still find my work at the usual place.

Regulars to the Swirly Disco Flames establishment might even notice a change. To coincide with the new collection I have a fresh new logo too. Many thanks to my friend Aisu for all her work on this. She also makes the only eyes I ever wear.

Also thanks are due to Alicia for the shots in the advert of my art in situe.
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