Thursday, April 30, 2009

Learning stuff

A friend, Lialynn, creates some lovely-looking photos. They kind of have a soft-focus sort of feel to them. She recently was very obliging and posted a tutorial on her blog giving step by step instructions in how to mimic her effect. So I've been trying it.

Oh yeah, and our neighbours have new roof furniture.

Live action interactive drama

This after I had a very strange experience. I was wandering round a freebie shop with a friend when a conversation broke out. We took a seat. It all happened something a bit like this: (To read this is kinda helps if you imagine us watching TV, commenting on it as we watch it. Kinda)

[19:40] Tom G: hey bitch
[19:40] Kira S: you talking to me ?
[19:41] Rosa S turns around "He better not be talking to me..thats all I know"
[19:41] Tom G: wadup big booty bitch?
[19:41] Marnix Malifozik: i think it's not you, Rosa
[19:41] Kira S: oh hell nah, i don't think so
[19:41] Marnix Malifozik: does
my bum look big in this?
[19:42] Rosa S eyes get wide and she giggles "A little"
[19:42] Marnix Malifozik: you're charming, lass
[19:42] Tom G: ty
[19:42] Marnix Malifozik: you know how to hurt a tiger's feelings
[19:42] Rosa S grins wide "You knows you loves it!"
[19:42] Marnix Malifozik: you're very full of yourself since you got engaged aren't ya? ;)
[19:42] Tom G: I loves me some white women
[19:43] Kira S shoves Tom...
[19:43] Tom G: ain't that right hoe
[19:43] Kira S: who you think you are talking to bitch?
[19:43] Kira S: i ain't no ho and i sure as hello ain't yo ho
[19:43] Tom G: I'll fuck you too
[19:43] Marnix Malifozik thinks they're about to get it on here and now
[19:44] Rosa S busts out laughing "Yea well....thats what happens" then she gasps and leans down to Marnix and whispers "I think the girl is winning this fight"
[19:44] Marnix Malifozik: it will end up in nekkidness, i can tell
[19:44] Tom G: you wanna watch us?
[19:44] Rosa S giggles and elbows Marnix gently in his tiger ribs
[19:45] Marnix Malifozik: thanks, but no thanks. hell no thanks
[19:46] Kira S: damn Tom, smile, i can't see you
[19:46] Tom G: you don't need to see me
[19:46] Rosa S sits down with her pet tiger and takes out some popcorn "This is better than SL TV"
[19:46] Marnix Malifozik wonders if the show has finished
[19:46] Marnix Malifozik coughs..."pet?"
[19:47] Tom G: Ima go deep up in ya guts tonight girl
[19:47] Marnix Malifozik wonders if that line ever works
[19:47] Kira S: i want to see you black ass in a noose
[19:47] Kira S: whatchu think about that?
[19:47] Marnix Malifozik is glad racism is alive and well
[19:47] Rosa S gasps and covers Marnix's ears "This is not fer little tiger ears :o"
[19:48] Tom G: you need to shut your mouth bitch
[19:48] Marnix Malifozik: do you think they're IMing secret love messages, Rosa?
[19:48] Rosa S: XD HUSH MARNIX!
[19:48] Tom G: and go make me some mo money
[19:48] Kira S: nice come back you uneduacted fool
[19:48] Kira S: i ain't yo ho
[19:48] Kira S: i din't know how many time i got to tell you dat. i gots me a man
[19:49] Marnix Malifozik decides to hang around malls more ofen if this is the level of entertainment
[19:49] Rosa S gasps and eats some popcorn "This is the part where she reveals she carrying his baby"
[19:49] Tom G: ain't wad ya told me last night
[19:49] Kira S: what i told you last night was "is it in yet" and "what do you mean you are done already"
[19:50] Tom G: watch while i whip this out
[19:50] Tom G: HAHAHA
[19:50] Kira S whips out her magnifying glass
[19:50] Marnix Malifozik: please don't do that
[19:50] Rosa S busts out in laughter "THIS IS GETTING GOOD MARNIX!"
[19:50] Kira S: you noob, you ain't got no pixels yet
[19:50] Kira S: lmao
[19:50] Marnix Malifozik wants wants to see what happens next
[19:50] Tom G: yous knows us niggas have it HUGE
[19:51] Rosa S snorts "I wonder if they are gonna have a shotgun wedding?"
[19:51] Kira S: i know MOST niggas got it huge
[19:51] Marnix Malifozik: i am so blogging this conversation later, Rosa ;)
[19:51] Rosa S: ROFL
[19:51] Kira S: what you got is smaller than yo mama's dick
[19:52] Tom G: and now we rule the world beotch
[19:52] Marnix Malifozik: it's too good for the world not to share in it's glory
[19:52] Rosa S munches on some popcorn then rubs Marnix's tummy
[19:52] Kira S: you don't rule nuthin but your watermelon patch
[19:52] Kira S: and your crack house
[19:52] Marnix Malifozik thinks this is heading towards a drive-by
[19:53] Tom G: you fucking racist bitch
[19:53] Rosa S gasps "ohh...good one!"
[19:53] Kira S: you is the one calling me a ho....and a white might as well call me cracker
[19:53] Kira S: you came up to me busta
[19:53] Tom G: ok
[19:53] Rosa S secreatly tosses a AK-47 between the two "this is about to get really good Marnix"
[19:53] Kira S: starting yo shit
[19:54] Kira S: oh no he didn't!
[19:54] Kira S: i'm show you cracker mo fo\
[19:54] Kira S: you don't want no Kira on yo ass.
[19:54] Rosa S eyes get wide "This is better than CABLE!"
[19:54] Tom G: shut up and put my balls in yo mouth
[19:54] Kira S: what balls?
[19:55] Kira S: is what i'm saying
[19:55] Rosa S gasps "Ohh....burn"
[19:55] Kira S: you ain't got none
[19:55] Kira S: homey
[19:55] Rosa S leans over to Marnix...."Who you thinks winning?"
[19:55] Marnix Malifozik wonders where his chat log is saved
[19:55] Kira S: why don't you go collect your sl "welfare check" and buy yourself some
[19:55] Marnix Malifozik: erm what, sorry?
[19:56] Marnix Malifozik: oh, erm, the one on the left...
[19:56] Tom G: ain't wad yo was saying when yo was sucking my dick fo some crack
[19:56] Marnix Malifozik: sorry, i was reading the paper
[19:56] Kira S: that was yo mama, not me
[19:56] Kira S: i ain't one of your crack hos
[19:56] Rosa S eyes get wide and starts to yell and waves her arms in the air "YOU MISSING ALL THIS DRAMA!?"
[19:56] Kira S: quit smoking your own product ...
[19:57] Kira S: and get some teeth
[19:57] Marnix Malifozik: i'll catch it on the re-run
[19:57] Tom G: beotch, I'll slap you like a good pimp should
[19:57] Kira S: those diamonds on your ear lobes or crack rocs?
[19:58] Marnix Malifozik: now, Rosa, tell me, are they flirting yet? I can't keep up
[19:58] Kira S: you an't no pimp. just a busta on a street corner, laying pretend
[19:58] Rosa S eats some popcorn and talks with her mouth full "you lucky tiger...I dont have SL DVR..."
[19:59] Rosa S blinks and goes silent then hold the popcorn infront of him trying to change the subject "uhhh..popcorn?"
[19:59] Tom G: why you bow legged?
[19:59] Kira S: from riding a REAL MAN
[19:59] Kira S: why you bowlegged?
[19:59] Kira S: same reason?
[20:00] Rosa S leans back and snapps her fingers "DAAAANNMMM"
[20:01] Tom G: so did you two enjoy the show?
[20:01] Kira S: lol
[20:01] Marnix Malifozik: mmmm, it tailed off a bit towards the end
[20:01] Rosa S blinks and leans over "is the TV show talking to us now?"
[20:01] Kira S: my fingers hurt
[20:01] Marnix Malifozik: i was expecting more explosions
[20:01] Rosa S: 0.o
[20:01] Kira S: well we are in a no push area
[20:02] Rosa S: HAHA
[20:02] Kira S: not much for "fireworks"
[20:02] Kira S: lol
[20:02] Rosa S drops her popcorn and begins to clap "THAT WAS FING AWSOME!"
[20:02] Kira S: lol
[20:02] Marnix Malifozik is going to blog it right up to that bit where it stopped
[20:02] Kira S takes Tom's hand and takes a bow
So it was all an act after all. A twenty minute live-action play. I didn't see that coming. I wonder if they tour all the noob malls playing out dumb-ass arguments for on-watchers.

Just after I had that I made a very distressing discovery.

From the look of it, it's cousin Ralph. He went missing about six months and Uncle Bernard and Aunt Meg suspected something like this. He was always hanging about with a bad crowd. We knew he'd come to a bad end. Ever since that Christmas he brought those hunters home to meet the family.


The other day I decided that I wanted to find a house-warming pressie for Iss. Something to say welcome to our new home. She's, and I am sure she won't mind me telling you, a fan of cockatiels and has three in RL. I had the thought that it might be a nice idea if they could somehow be presented in SL too. So my search began.

Have you ever thought what a mission it might be to find cockatiels in SL? Take it from me, it's not as easy as it sounds.

I started, fairly sensibly with a search for 'cockatiel'. It yielded minimal results although I did find some fairly decent ones at one place. The rest of the search results were either for avatars or personal profiles containing said word.

I knew there were many pet shops around, and had heard some were better than others but couldn't remember which were good and which were bad so I began the extensive task of pretty much visiting every single one in the SLuniverse. I liked the birds I'd found earlier but I wanted to be sure that they were the best available. Nothing less than the best for my roomie :)

Well, after finding mutliple parrots, and parakeets and cockatoos, I eventually decided that no-one else catered for the discerning cockatiel lover (other than the avatars, but that's not quite what I was after, and heading too far down that line would get quite disturbing quite rapidly). So I headed back to the first place to make my purchase.

Iss arrived home last night to find her surprise. And I think it's fair to say that she was happy with the gift. So mission accomplished there then :)

One more thing though - while I was searching like a nutter, I got the impression I was being watched. I don't know what it was that made me feel like that but I was sure there was something following me, just out of eyeshot. A presence. But whenever I turned round it was...aaaaaaaargh!


I spent a little time as Marnix the tiger tonight. Stopping back at home my scooter was parked by the front door so I decided to have a little ride.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to turn the ignition key with paws.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Couch potato

Every now and then I am reminded that I am an SL noob who has lots to learn. Sure, I have come a long way since those young and naive days back in February but I am still a relative toddler.

Today's lesson involves television. Television exists in SL. SL TV. Not watching RL TV in SL, but SL TV in SL. TV created within SL and shown within SL. Are you getting it yet?

It took a while for it to sink in with me. You really can buy televisions in SL and watch SL content - whether that be fashion (of course!), music, chat shows, travel (of a sort) or even sport. Sport!?! Football, sailing, motor racing, hockey, snail racing, ....

The world's your gastropod.

Just exactly when people find time to slob out in front a TV in SL is a mystery to me. And when people find time to make the shows is another mystery. These are things I need to investigate further, I reckon.

Of lamps and vases

I want to talk to you this morning about vases. And lamps.

A friend on plurk, Nika had posted pretty pictures about her new design, the lamps. I was really rather taken with them so made a mental note to check them out later.

And then, due to laziness, I asked Nika to send me an LM to her shop, Wines and Roses and she duly obliged.

I was unable to head on over right away so I sent the details over to Iss and asked her if she wanted to go check them out for me. She duly obliged (I seem to have a plethora of obliging women in my SLife!), arrived at the store and very quickly agreed with my assessment of needing a lamp for our new pad.

She didn't buy one there and then, but as luck would have it Nika had just installed a lucky chair. Which was on '?' while Iss was there. One free lucky vase coming up! Yay! It looks lovely in our hallway. Somewhere to drop the car keys when we wander through the door.

The next day I was at a loose end so I went and checked the shop out myself. And would you believe it, the lucky chair was on 'M'. Yay for twin vases!

And it broke my lucky chair cherry. I am no longer a lucky chair virgin.

I thought a stick a pic on here of the shop for you. Because it's nice. And Nika's stuff is rather lovely. Check it out, why don't ya.

A search on SL for 'Wines and Roses' yields this: "SL Photography artwork and decorative vases for your home" and lamps. Don't forget the lamps. I bought one for the bedside cabinet. Mebbe you can check it out when we have our house-warming open-house party thingy (landlady dependent!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Dance pose balls in the shower? Where better to have them?

Oh, and the semi-nekkidness was simply to make sure we didn't get our clothes wet, of course.

Two of my favourite things

I love tigers. I even am one sometimes.

I also rather like brocade. I am known to wear the occasional item that would fit that description.

So when I read on a blog somewhere about a shop (re)opening that was called Brocade Tiger I was there in an instant.

Well OK, it wasn't an instant. I had to finish my work day first. Go to the gym. Go home. Have dinner. Turn on my laptop and fire up SL. But after all of that, I was there in an instant. For real.

25L for this. You can't go wrong, eh?

I even picked up a couple of pairs of jammies. Just need to find a PJ party to attend now...

The pic above was taken just outside the new house. Iss and a couple of her girly mates had been taking photos at her photo booth when I turned up. Stormy got out her chopper, Iss did the same with a chopper-trike so I dragged out my neat little scooter. I looked way the coolest, of course. Although I could not compare with Amelia and her giant two-seater old-person's mobility cart. She out-cooled the lot of us as we bezzed around the place, dodgy trees and each other.

Until Stormy rezzed an attack helicopter and began shooting up Lance & Amelia's castle. Iss decided the only way to take down an attack chopper was with bog rolls. Of course!


Does the trade descriptions act exist in SL?

The reason I ask is that I saw a lovely, lovely suit on a blog yesterday. (Black and white gingham in case you're interested. It's classier and less twee than it sounds.) I nipped on over to the shop, found said suit and purchased.

I was so excited I rezzed and opened the box right there and then. The shop was virtually empty other than my friend Q so I didn't mind changing. I rifled through the box checking what was there. Pants - check. Jacket, complete with various options of with and without waistcoast and open and closed front - check. Waistcoat, separate - check. Shirt - erm....

I checked the picture in the shop again. Yes, there is a shirt in the picture. I rechecked the box to make sure the shirt wasn't hidden under one of the jackets or something. No, no shirt.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a big issue. I have a really nice black shirt that does go rather well with the suit, as it happens, so it's not like the suit is unwearable. And it is a really nice suit so I don't want to slag off the designer in any way at all. I guess my issue is just a point of principal. If the picture of a product shows an item should it necessarily state that said item does not come with the purchase?

With this suit there was a note at the bottom of the poster saying what jacket options came with the suit, and the pants and stuff. And there was no mention of the shirt. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But what's the etiquette? Do most stores explicitly state when a displayed item is not part of the purchase rather than just listing the items that are included?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Omega Point

It's described as a Dark Fantasy Cyber Planet, and I'm not quite sure what that means. One thing I am sure of though is that Omega Point (sorry, no slurl, but you can search it, right?) is immense.

Immense in terms of scale. Immense in terms of depth. And immense in terms of imagination.

I don't know quite where to begin.

Well, firstly I guess, I was put on to this place by my friend Lysi. She had run across it somehow and recommended the place to me. Despite our RL time difference (17 or 19 hours or something, I think) we'd arranged to meet there and explore together a little. I wasn't sure what to expect. Which was good because what I found would has surpassed all expectations.

The first thing that struck me was the design, so detailed, so intricate, so immense. Everywhere you look the detail is fantastic. The place where we started off was at the bottom, literally. The sim towered above us. I cammed around a bit to try and get a good idea of my surroundings but it was just so hard to take it all in. And even when you get to a point that you can see it all, you pull back a bit more and suddenly there's another bit in front of you. Or above you.

I guess the way to describe where we started off was some sort of sci-fi space ship or city sort of a place. But with a gothic vibe. No, I'm not sure how that works either. Think Aliens meets Dracula.

Everywhere you look there are pipes and cables and new levels and glowy bits and staircases. You cam around and spot something that looks interesting. The fun bit then is plotting your path. Sure, you can fly I guess, but that would kind of detract from the place. The designer has gone to a lot of trouble to put all this in place and interconnect it all. Why cheat their artistry?

I found it hard to filter through my photos to work out which ones to show you here. There was just so much to see. And so much to do. You find interactive stuff in the least expected places.

It's worth seeking out the dancefloor too. There are usual dance poseballs you'd expect but also some other fun stuff. I don't want to say too much, as half the fun is finding it for yourself. Let me just say click on everything. And then, when you're tired, you can even take a seat and watch the world go by.

I think maybe the biggest surprise for me at Omega Point was that just when you begun to think you had a handle on the place you found somewhere new, and different.

Like the red room, the very red room. With a couch with relaxation poses and reading-a-book poses at one end, and some elaborate sacrificial and magical octagram at the other.

And then you head upstairs from there and find something a whole lot more gothic and less sci-fi, complete with Snow White glass coffin.

It is said that there is only a fine line between madness and genius. Omega Point bestraddles that line with a foot firmly in both camps.

Oh, and if don't believe me, find the shop. I reckon everyone needs to check out some 'window hair'.

Either that or 'big bang hair.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new crib

Now you don't see it...

And now you do...

I've got mesen a roomie. And we just bought ourself a lovely new house. Just let us decorate and then we'll have a house-warming party. Expect an invite.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scooters at sunset

Everyone else is at it. And I mean everyone. I wouldn't want to get left out.

It's a scooter. It's free. (Or at least it was at the weekend.) And it's fun.

It changes colour. You can stick a lass on the back. And it does look pretty damn cool.

Two bits of advice though. One - pgup/pgdown change gear, but you'll need a lot of space to be able to handle 4th. And two - don't try and take photos when riding. You'll end up in the sea and upset your passenger.

Finally for today, I spent some time messing the other day in a good friend's photo studio. If I'm honest I got overwhelmed by all the options - backdrop, lights, effect, poses... sheesh! But this is what I settled on before I got bored. I wanted to show off my new threads. I really rather like them. If I could remember where I got them from I'd tell you. The store was called Mystic-summat, I think. I'm rubbish at this, eh?

Ooh, stop the press - Mystic Hope on Hell's End. There you go. Don't say I never give you nuffink.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fat Pack my arse

I might upset a few designers with this post, and indeed I may be factually incorrect about the whole design process and what it involves, but it's just my casual observations and surmisings as a non-designer. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am happy to be put right.

The subject I want to address is fat packs. And I guess within that, hair fat packs particularly.

Take one hair style you buy for, for example, 150L. Suppose there's a fat pack on offer with ten colours. Ten hairs of exactly the same style but just different colours. And this costs, not 1,500L, but 800L. A bargain, right? Wrong!

Or at least, given my understanding of it, it's wrong. Again, correct me if I'm mistaken.

In RL this would be a true bargain. Because in RL each piece in a multi-pack has to be individually manufactured and there is usually a saving, due to economies of scale and stuff, but not almost 50% like the above example.

But in SL, surely all the work is in manufacturing the first piece. The original style and then tinting it. SL manufacture differs from RL in this area.

Surely after the initial creation, making the other colours is a simple job of just changing the colour. The hard work, the design work, is done isn't it? Is not just changing the colour the easy bit? A few clicks of the mouse?

As such, I can understand charging a bit more for fat packs, just to reflect those few clicks of the mouse for each new colour. But not that much more.

Am I wrong?

Friday, April 17, 2009

I should have changed

I just realised, I went exploring Fotoscope a bit more today wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. How will you ever forgive me?

"Great. Not only am I going to get piles from sitting on a snowball but now my fingers are sticking through my leg too"

"Ooh, them bubbles have gone straight to my head"

The excitement was all too much for me so I sat down to watch the sunset.

Clever stuff

Whenever I do get a chance to wander aimlessly around SL I find that some places dazzle me. I just sit back and admire the programming skills of some people. The programming skills and the creativity. It amazes me. They amaze me.

Some places are nice. Stunning to look at. Amazing vistas. Some though are different too. I like different. Different and well done is the perfect combination. Like an overcooked ostrich steak.

I explored two places tonight that were just that.

The first was a little place a friend had sent me a landmark for. Basically it was just a little island with a hut you stand in with some controls. In front of you are a few houses and a caravan. You click the controls and a cloud forms, and then a tornado comes down from the cloud and hits ground. And then the tornado wanders around and rips up the houses and caravan flinging debris everywhere. And there's lighting and there's rain.

As I said - different. I'd love to know the thought process that went into the creation of that design. And how much of what was smoked. Genius.

Next up last night was a place called Fotoscope. It's a place that's been blogged a few times in the last few weeks, but never one to deny my sheep-like tendencies I went for a look around.

I didn't get to explore too much but I did have time to try one of the Freefall animations. The one I tried was a couple of minutes long I guess and is a series of psychedelic (if that's spelt wrong, sorry, but I can't be arsed to spell check it) backdrops and animations that you float, hover and generally pose around in front of. And then there was a road I kind of tip-toed along.

I'm not quite sure why. But that's what I loved about the Freefall, and what I love about SL in general. Don't ask why, just do. I like that trait in a designer. "It serves no purpose other than just to be, and perhaps to entertain. To challenge. To be experienced."

Ooh, and before I finish with Freefall, check out Elvis's face in those rocks I'm creeping through in the picture above. Seriously. Elvis is hiding up there. I'll give you a clue - bunch of rocks at the top left - Elvis is Vegas sunnies. You might need to click on the pic and see it enlarged.

There's still plenty more to explore of Fotoscope, I think. There is some more stuff down on the land. And lots of photobooth things as well. I started to check it all out a bit, but then I kinda got distracted.

Ooh, and I had five friends inworld at the same time last night. It's got to be a record for me. Sad innit?

Just for Banana

I read an entirely apt quote in a news report about SL from 2006 the other day:
In Second Life, you can get everything you want on the first day. What's interesting is what you do the next day.
It is so true.

Maybe I have moved on to day two. What next?

What do I want from SL? I'm not a builder. At least not yet. Am I a shopper? Do I come to hang out with friends? Do I want to make new ones? Do I just want to explore? All of the above? Or none?

I'm kinda toying with photography in RL so maybe SL photography is the way to go. But for that I need some Photoshop skillz (and creativity!) that is somewhat lacking.

At the moment time in SL is limited for various RL reasons. (And I am trying to limit the time I spend on the SL blogs at work too, following an informal heads up about my bandwidth usage). As such potential SL time has to be shared between actual SL time, reading blogs, and writing posts myself. When I do get on I am mainly spending time with friends. This tends to be standing around chatting, rather than exploring.

I guess I can write about standing around chatting. But how many posts until that gets way old? I would wager it wouldn't be many.

I probably think I see my blog shaping up as a mix between random musings (when I can think of something to write about) and descriptions and pictures of exploration. But for that, or at least the second part, I need to explore some more. And for that I either go alone or persuade friends to explore too.

Or I stay up until stupid o'clock in the morning.

Which tends to put a strain on RL when it happens too often.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A long weekend away spent somewhere remote without internet access (Auckland!) and suddenly people are sending out search parties.

It's nice to be missed, I guess.

But, having had four days out of the SLuniverse I don't have that much to talk to you about really. Not about inworld stuff, at least.

Instead, I'll tell you about something I read at the weekend. It's kinda related, in a Web 2.0 kind of a way.

To set the scene, during my SLife mooching around the blogs I have read a thing or two about death. Both in SL and RL. How people suddenly disappear in SL and friends are left looking at warm chairs (and beds) wondering what happened, fearing the worst, without anything approaching anything that could in any way be described as closure.

I have read about SL funerals for such people. And about SL memorials and tombstones and graveyards. (I wonder if there are SL florists selling SL wreaths?) But SL death, or at least apparent SL death, might not be reciprocated in RL.

But sometimes, of course, sometimes SL death is the result of RL death.

I wanted to get an idea of just how often this happened so completed some rudimentary analysis. Approximately 275,000 people die in the world every day. That's 275,000 out of 7,000,000,000 people, or a 1 in 25,000 chance very roughly. At any one time somewhere in the region of 50,000 people are inworld. If global stats were globally true then we'd expect two of that 50,000 to be dead before breakfast tomorrow.

Of course, it's pretty clear that life expectancy is highly correlated with prevalence of broadband (cause and effect might suggest installing broadband will extend your life!) so mortality rates among the SL population are not the same as among the population of the nomadic tribes of the upper Sahara. Also, this analysis fails to take into account age profiles and stuff like that. As such the chance of dying for an SL-dweller would be less than 1 in 25,000. But let's say it's 10 times less likely, so 1 in 250,000. Now instead of two SLifers passing away every day, we having one leaving us every five days. Or conservatively let's say one a week.

Does that rate surprise you?

But that's all a preamble really. The reason for this post is to ask what will happen when you die? Will your SL friends all be sat around wondering if you got bored, or if your computer broke, or whether you did get hit by a bus after all?

At the weekend I was reading about the perfect solution. It covers not just SL but all of your Web 2.0 identities. It's called Legacy Locker and describes itself as a "safe, secure repository for your digital property that lets you grant access to online assets for friends and loved ones in the event of death or disability."

As far as I can tell you store all your username and password details in their database and you nominate a beneficiary who will receive an email giving them access to your details should you pass away (after they've let LL know, of course - they're not psychic!) They then can log on and close down all your relevant accounts and stuff, letting those know the sad news that need to.

I think it sounds like a good idea really. Allowing a close friend or relative to tie up all those lose internet ends. I'm just left wondering what percentage of SL users would actually want a close friend or relative logging on as them, receiving their private IMs and scanning their inventory. I would guess that it's less than 100.

For some, this might be a sensitive subject. I have tret it with a degree of levity. Please accept my condolensces if your current circumstances do not allow you that same levity. My purpose was not to offend or cause hurt. I was just chatting, like you would down a pub, before putting my foot in it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nice tat

The Princess returns. Oh, and she sent me the picture. I didn't take it before you all get up in arms and call me a perve and stuff.

It is a nice bum though, eh? ;)

In case anyone's interested, we're just hanging out, spending time together and stuff. It's all very innocent.

No, really.

Changing subject abruptly, can anyone tell me what this Japanese (?) symbol says? Answers on a postcard. The first correct answer of out the hat receives a signed tiger paw cast.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yes sir, I can boogie, boogiewoogie

The evening started with good intentions. I was going to finally, finally, finally have a go at sorting through my hundreds of animations and stands and poses I've picked up over time to customise my AO. I like the Vista Animations one I have but I do need to customise it so that I don't look like I'm scratching my arse, from the inside, and so that I don't fold my arms through each other, and so that I don't look at my watch in a bored manner while having a conversation with someone. Sai inspired me to do it.

And I say, the evening started with good intentions. Chry then offered me a tp over to Ellie's and that seemed like a better option. Why stand alone in my room when I could go and hang with some people, eh? Plus I still had my tiger av on, and I always seem to get attention from the laydees when I'm wearing my fursuit ;)

After hanging there for a bit I decided to check out the Rfyre and Redgrave shops. I keep thinking I need new clothes or a new skin or something. It's easy to spend money around here, eh? But then I get there and nothing grabs me, or the lag grabs me, and I leave empty-handed. SL shopping is like RL for me in that way (apart from the lag) in that I have to be inspired and in a shopping mood. Otherwise it's a waste of time. And do I really need a new skin? I really don't know.

I'd just logged back in after crashing (again!) when I received another tp from Chry. This time her and a few of the Ellie's girls where heading on down to a jazz club called the Vault for some after work dancin'. I decided that sounded like a nice idea as I've not really been out dancing all that much in SL and I fancied trying it. I decided reverting back to my human shape would probably be best. (I tried dancing as a tiger once with someone and it ended up with me apparently sucking on her head.) We hung around the Vault for a bit and slowly one by one Chry's friends began to disappear as time caught up with them and bedtimes beckoned.

In the end there were four of us left - Chry, Jewellah, me and a bloke called Rigel who Chry's known for a while. It seems Rigel is a bit of a serial dancer and has a landmark list a mile long of places to dance. He offered to give us a tour and who were we to refuse?

First up was a glass globe floating in space. It was a beautiful place and all the more so once I began messing with some of Torley Linden's windlight presets I'd downloaded earlier. The effect I ended up with here in this location kinda reminded me of Disney's Beauty and the Beast for some reason.

Next up was some place I can't remember the name of. Another lovely outdoors spot though, with a glass dancefloor and a waterfall. Perfect for a bit of a waltz.

Next was the Winter Palace. I didn't get any pictures there though. And finally we ended up at the Love Cove or Love Grove or something. One of the best things about this place was that it has some really original dances we'd not seen elsewhere. It's definitely worth a try for something other than the normal stuff. That withstanding I do like slow dance v8. It is totally thigh-brushingly wonderful.

So, my conclusions on dancing about the place with friends? As Chry so nicely put it, "it provides a lovely screensaver for your conversations". I couldn't agree more. Especially when you and your dance partner have flowy clothes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

More of the same

And then some cheeky chick has the nerve to say that I'm smaller than she imagined before laying down next to me so that she's "not towering over me".

I feel like a disappointment ;)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Compliment or insult

Someone told me tonight I make a good rug.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Fools' Day

In my neck of the words, and that in which I grew up, it was kind of traditional on 1st April to prank people. At least until noon anyhow. If a joke was played after midday then suddenly the joker became the jokee and everyone would laugh at them and point and dance around in circles making songs up about them. But that's incidental.

Noticing my desk calendar flicked over to a new month this morning, that month was April, and I wasn't inworld last night so haven't got anything else to blog about, I set to wondering about SL and April Fools' hoaxes/pranks/jokes etc.

Does April Fools' Day exist in SL? And if so, what kind of stunts have people played in the past? And does it effectively last for about 23 hours due to global timezones or do practical jokers use the SL clock?

I am still a relative noob (although I did meet some people younger than me the other day and felt all mature and experienced!) so don't quite know what jokes would actually work, what is doable and how elaborate they could potentially be. But surely someone out there has some stories they can tell.
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