Saturday, January 30, 2010

Been too long

I have mentioned before, once or twice, my fave live artist in SL, Ms Starflower Orbit. I've not managed to coincide a trip inworld with one of her gigs since maybe September. Which is ages ago. This was until yesterday, at least. I managed to scrape together big enough chunk of free RL time to log in to see who was around and imagine my glee when I got a notice telling me a Starflower gig had only just started.

She did not disappoint. She never does.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So the ballerina says to the samurai...

There's probably a really funny story attached to this image. The story of the ballerina and the samurai.

I can't decide though whether it'd be a fairytale or a dark fable with a moral undercurrent.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Waterloo Sunset

The other week I mentioned I finally got myself a little bit of land and promised that I'd give you a tour. I've been busy the last wee while getting it set up and stuff, but finall it's ready. So please, come along in, take your shoes off at the door and have a look around.

The region I've moved to is called Virtue (Stop laughing at the back!) and it's a twin sim with Thistle which is right next door. What first attracted me to the place, other than having some friends already living there, is that it just looks so pretty. It's beautifully landscaped with streams and paths interwinding throughout the place. It definitely feels like a nice place to live. The sort of place you'd go for a morning constitutional and wave at friends as you pass their door.

I've not got a big plot, but it seems big enough to furnish and decorate so that it feels homely and welcoming. I decided that I'd mostly live up in the air, but given how pretty the rest of the sim is I knew I had to hold me end up and make an effort down there too. I've never really done trees before though. My previous homes have either made use of stylised trees or palms trees.

I never realised the tree industry was so extreme. It was really quite overwhelming. How was I meant to know what kinda tree I wanted and who made the best ones and who made dead twigs? Well eventually I found some I liked and liberally scattered them around.

The next crucial ingredient for me was a pond. I've not had the greatest luck with terraforming, and I've got some swans that I hadn't had an awful lot of luck with either. I was determined that my luck with change with both. And, after a couple of 'learning experiences' in both areas I am happy to announced I not only have a pond but the swans in it are actually in it and not above it.

In terms of what else to place on the ground, my hammock was a must as I love it, and after much searching I found the perfect little garden shed that looks perfect with a couple of battered old armchairs. It's comfy. Which is what I wanted.

Upstair, in the sky, I have a skybox. Again it took much deliberation but eventually I found the one that felt right. Previous homes for me in SL have always been modern and contemporary. I guess my chosen style hasn't changed yet.

Downstairs there's one big room stretching the length of the house. At one end I have the living space with my favourite sofa and chair set that has followed me for a few moves now.

And at the other end there is currently a sort of breakfast bar or dining area. I want to do something else there I think, but it'll do for now.

Upstairs is the bedroom. Strictly speaking it's not upstairs as it's via teleport but you know what I mean. It contains a bed. You know, as they do.

Also upstairs there's a door out onto a balcony. Perfect for staring into space. Perhaps while sat in a hottub, eh?

And after all that, I think it must be time for bed, eh?

Playing with Photoshop

I am determined to improve my PS skills. Practise makes perfect, I hear. So I'm-a practising.

What do you think?

For Lolita!

This pic says it all. Happy, rezday, Lolita. It is a joy to know you and call you a friend.

The party was a blast. Sorry I couldn't stay too long. The trivia ball thing was a wonderful idea.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I won't wear it again

Ok! Ok! So you don't like the shirt. I get the message!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Internationally renowned

Right, so you know I said yesterday that I had nothing to tell you? Well, apart from the new home that is. Well, after last night, I do have some news. And it's quite exciting too!

I was at home, setting out furniture and art and stuff when I got a random IM. From someone I didn't know. A Belgian fella, as it turns out. He was asking about my art and whether it was my own work or not. It seems he had just been at Mags' store, Emjay. You remember, it was the one that I made some custom art for just before New Years. Well, he said that he liked my art, and that he was an art student who had started a big gallery in SL as a project for artists to come together and display their work free of charge and did I want a room?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Where's the catch? Well, there doesn't seem to be one. He provides the space, the prim allowance, the gallery set up. He promotes it. And it's all free. He doesn't even take a cut of sales. All because he wants to do it. How awesome is that?

I basically snapped his hand off. Went and checked his place out, snapped his hand off again and started rezzing pictures. The place, called UrbanARTs, is a nice set up, and some of the art there is stunning, so to be hanging alongside that is quite an ego boost.

It didn't take me too long really (and I had some company to give me a second opinion) so now it is ready please go along and take a look. At the moment the work I have on display there is also available in the main gallery (although possibly in the vendor rather than on the walls) but the work of the other artists is worth checking out too, I'd say.

Oh yeah, you need to know where it is don't you. This will take you to right outside my room in the gallery, in theory. But I am not sure if there is a landing point. There might be. If so, I am on the second floor. Up the stairs.

Oh, and there's a flyer too.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nothing to tell

Have I really not blogged yet in 2010? How can that be possible? I must have done. No? Well, I'm sorry. I'm rubbish. But I will return.

I have just bought some land, a little place to call my own. How about if promise you a tour of my new home, once it's all sorted and stuff, that you forgive me? How's that sound to you?
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