Friday, July 30, 2010

Feeling horny

Last time around I talked about rediscovering my love for SL. I talked about how that would surely lead to superfluous XStreet purchase habits reintroducing themselves to my time in the office. I was not wrong. This post is testiment to that. I also talked about how I still sometimes feel the need to develop an identity. Whatever that means. This post is testament to that too.

Back in October I wrote a post about hats. Specifically it was about not getting hats to fit over my hair without making them literally ten gallon hats. I have since learned that the options are either hats with hair built in or skins with hair drawn on. Both have served me well, once I learned of their existence.

So, the heady combination of my procrastinative online shopping expeditions, my new-found hat satisfaction and my semi-diluted Norse blood inherited as a result of originating on the north-east coast of England compelled me to seek out a Viking helmet.

My valiant quest was not in vain. The quest ended in glorious success. This post is testament to that.

Sadly, only one helmet was not enough.

And neither was two.

In the end my inventory is now three helms richer. Three stylish helms, I must add. I own a helmet for every occasion. I can coordinate as necessary. I have a smart helmet and more casual ones. I have the pointy kind as well as a feathery one. I am a man of the noughties if nothing else - a man's man yet in touch with my softer side. I think this pictures demonstrate that perfectly.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For whatever reason, a combination of a lack of time, other distractions and a healthy dose of apathy have led to minimal inworld participation in recent weeks. Just needing more damn sleep than usual hasn't helped either. It's winter so perhaps I'm turning into a squirrel and need to hibernate or something. But that's another issue.

Well, this last weekend saw a bit of an upturn in time devoted to self-pixelation and it made a refreshing change. I got to hang with old friends and dance a bit and listen to some live music and play adult truthball and everything. I think I am close to being bitten by the Linden-bug again. I am trying to resist but I know I will fail. I guess it's not a bad thing. It just means that I will spend excessive amounts of time browsing free stuff on XStreet during the day again, I will feel the need to develop a new 'style' but struggle to decide what that should be, and I will spend too much on clothes I never wear. Oh, and I will probably feel compelled to rent land again too.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Liquid light

A newly released collection can be found at Swirly Disco Flames, as promised.

It's a little different to my usual stuff, so feedback gratefully received :)

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