Saturday, January 16, 2010

Internationally renowned

Right, so you know I said yesterday that I had nothing to tell you? Well, apart from the new home that is. Well, after last night, I do have some news. And it's quite exciting too!

I was at home, setting out furniture and art and stuff when I got a random IM. From someone I didn't know. A Belgian fella, as it turns out. He was asking about my art and whether it was my own work or not. It seems he had just been at Mags' store, Emjay. You remember, it was the one that I made some custom art for just before New Years. Well, he said that he liked my art, and that he was an art student who had started a big gallery in SL as a project for artists to come together and display their work free of charge and did I want a room?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Where's the catch? Well, there doesn't seem to be one. He provides the space, the prim allowance, the gallery set up. He promotes it. And it's all free. He doesn't even take a cut of sales. All because he wants to do it. How awesome is that?

I basically snapped his hand off. Went and checked his place out, snapped his hand off again and started rezzing pictures. The place, called UrbanARTs, is a nice set up, and some of the art there is stunning, so to be hanging alongside that is quite an ego boost.

It didn't take me too long really (and I had some company to give me a second opinion) so now it is ready please go along and take a look. At the moment the work I have on display there is also available in the main gallery (although possibly in the vendor rather than on the walls) but the work of the other artists is worth checking out too, I'd say.

Oh yeah, you need to know where it is don't you. This will take you to right outside my room in the gallery, in theory. But I am not sure if there is a landing point. There might be. If so, I am on the second floor. Up the stairs.

Oh, and there's a flyer too.

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