Sunday, May 30, 2010

Location location location

This blog is rapidly becoming one solely dedicated to Swirly Disco Flames, eh? It's not by design. It's just that I am so rarely inworld at the moment that what little time I do have is spent sorting out gallery stuff.

In my last post I intimated that the sim my gallery was on was going through some changes and so you'd have to be patient if you were on the hunt for some abstract art. Since then the changes have been more drastic. Idle Rogue and the Beautiful Freaks, the music venue and audio-visual performance extravanganza combo, lifted up their corporate tent pegs and relocated to another sim. As merely a side stall at the carnival they've become I thought it wise to go with, especially when the offer of space to house my artistic dabblings was extended to the new location.

As a result, you will now find me on Viva La Glam. It is quite some sim, with a retro 50s diner and roller rink as well as the ultimate burlesque experience that is The Factory. I think the Slaughtered Lam Pub is also around there somewhere too.

My sparkly white new gallery is just up the hill from the main town centre bit but just below the mountain that the Big Top that houses the Beautiful Freaks sits astride.

I wanted my gallery up there, so I could look down on everyone like Zeus atop Mount Olympus, using people as playthings for my amusement. I was told no.

But yes, anyway, the new gallery is sparkly and white, has the Spring Spirals collection on display at present, and also houses the three sale vendors that are living on borrowed time.

There's also a little lounge area to sit and relax. Given I has just surrendered my little plot of land yesterday there's a fair chance you might even find me sat around there, waiting for customers to chat to. You should stop by and say hello sometime.

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