Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last chance sales

Swirly Disco Flames is undergoing a change of policy.

In the past, when I have released new collections, the most recent collection has just been added to an in-store vendor so the old art was still available there. But this process was getting unwieldy. The vendor was getting quite full.

After all, there was my original collection, the Symmetry collection, the Aroha collection, the collection designed for the satellite gallery and of course the ill-conceived St Paddy's day collection. This is on top of the odd one or two that didn't warrant inclusion in a whole collection. As I say, the vendor was getting quite full.

I had the idea of multiple vendors, but didn't consider that for long as I had a better idea. At least I think it's a better idea. Basically, my art will now be limited edition. Or at least it will be available for a limited time period. Once a new collection is released the old stuff will no longer be for sale. It'll make it more exclusive, I think. Or something.

But, rather than just remove all my old stuff from sale without giving anyone any notice at all I thought I'd try heading down the road of a sale. So that's what I am doing. Right now.

All my art that was previously on sale is now bundled up in three vendors in store at the drastically reduced prices of 20L, 30L or 40L. Each vendor contains art of the same price to make it nice and easy for you.

So please come on down and don't miss this last chance to grab some collector's editions, old pieces of Marnix memorabilia that will soon be gone forever.

And while you're at it you can check out the recently release Spring Spirals collection.


  1. But what if SL eats one of my Arohas :( (it does happen, you know!)


  2. (can you tell I am very attached to them! :p)



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