Saturday, March 20, 2010

Norks McCracken

Meet Norks McCracken. He's a 1920s Private Eye, living in Chicago, walking the tightrope that is staying on the right side of both the law and organised crime.

The other week I had an idea. A bold and imaginative idea. I wanted to create serialised graphic novel-type blog, set in SL. All I'd need were characters, a storyline or two, locations, poses and time. Lots of time. Oh, and a bit more inclination.

I still haven't ruled out the idea. My good friends are all making supportive noises. But it would be an awful lot of work. And I just don't think I have the time, sadly. I wish I did.

Take tonight, for example. I probably took two hours finding a location for some introductory shots. (Admittedly SL was being an arse during that time.) I then sorted through the shots, chose some good ones, and then experimented to find some suitable comic book effects. This probably took another two or three hours. And this was just me, so no other characters or poses to worry about. Four or five hours for an output of six pics. No diva actresses or ill-disciplined actors to be bothered with. No framing of the pics into a comic-strip and laying on of dialogue etc. To do it justice it would be a full time job.

But then I look at pictures like this one here, and I get excited by the idea again. And I want to find a way to do it. But other than resigning from work or just not sleeping I don't have a solution.

So for now I think the idea will have to sit on the back-burner. Let's call it an ambition. Norks will have to wait. The murder, kidnap and theft cases will just have to be left unsolved.

I am quite pleased with some of these pics though. I would need to choose one particular style though, I reckon, eh?


  1. wow ... the pics at least look cool ... I'd prefer the style of the 2nd pic ... real comic like ...
    So I hope for some adventures of Norks McCracken ... even if it takes ages ;-)

  2. w00t! I have an original Norks McCracken in my inventory.
    You know my thoughts on this idea. But then, you also know how many hours I throw in there. Take your time, do it well, as is your way. I like number 2 and number 5, btw. As well as the collectors edition I own inworld ;-D

  3. Marnix, you somehow have the ability to come up with the best ideas, I do get it it is a lot of work but might be worth it and maybe you should do it not all by yourself and ask some friends to help you with it (just an idea).
    I love the first and last picture.

    ps. If you ever need a diva actress, 'Lionesse Vandyke' kinda sounds dive don't you think ;-)


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