Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shocked and appalled

You know, I guess I have been a little surprised by the strength of the reaction to my last post. In particular, eyes have been mainly raised at the second pic, of course.

Some people have commented privately to me that the picture was "inappropriate". Others have said it is bordering on pr0n and isn't the sort of thing they expect to see on a "respectable blog". For me this has just brought to a head how double-standard-ed (if that's a word) SL can be sometimes. Well, not just SL, I guess.

Earlier in the week a good friend of mine plurked a picture of her and a friend in a very nekkidly evocative pose. The comments rolled on in and were enthusiastically positive. One after another. But, you see, the picture was of two women. I actually commented at the time to another friend that I doubted whether the reception would have been quite so demonstratively welcoming if instead of two women, the picture was of a man and a woman.

And it seems now that perhaps my point has been made. I post one clothed (mostly-clothed, ok) photo of me with Jordy in a hot-tub in a spanking pose and suddenly I receive numerous comments vilifying me.

Are two women together less threatening to us as a community or something? Or would it have been different if I'd been the one get spanked instead of doing the spanking? Because at least then I'd not be perpetuating misogynistic stereotypes, right?

I mean, shit, come on, the pic could have been a whole lot further over the line than it was.


  1. I thought it was a cute picture....

  2. Wth... I don't even see boobs! (not even mentioning nipples) :D
    You're right. There's absolutely a double moral in Second Life. The woman/woman vs. woman/man difference is just one symptom. But I've also doubted many times the massive presence of rather kinky clothing, accesoiries and animations, where at the other hand the showing of naked intimates (eeek nipples!) is seen as disturbing.

  3. Well my picture gets famous now.:P But I agree with Zippora... wth?!? That was such fun and innocent picture. I don't get people.

  4. I actually thought it was a cute and playful picture and see absolutely NO harm with posting it. There is a double standard out there I just don't know how to label it or even how to explain it but it does exist. Keep on doing what your doing, this blog is great!.

  5. Wow, that is shocking! I thought the pic was playful and funny too. I got a good chuckle out of that!

  6. Ah Marnix the other pictures are FUN! Don't let the little things bother you! Try not to, that is the hard part. It's your BLOG do with it what makes you happy! (( HUGS ))

    Jordy & You look HAWT! Rawr! (( BIG HUGS )) to you both!

    :: Lolita ::

  7. Yay I get to be the only negative comment. You bring the comments on yourself Marnix. A self proclaimed "womaniser" if you want to put it that way. Flitting from one to the next as your binary switches back and forth. And you admit this freely yourself in your blog. And you happily post these pics and wonder why you get the comments.


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