Thursday, February 25, 2010

Doing it large

I have been building up to this for a while. I started small. You may have seen. Here and here. But since November I have wanted it large. I wanted to upscale. I wanted to play domino rally with incendiary penguins like never before.

So, here it is. 116 penguins. 2,124 prims. 1 click. And one helluva mess. This is why you never seen penguins on grass. When spring comes, penguins go kablooie!

I had an audience. It was Alicia who kindly donated me prim space so we thought she ought to be there, just in case. And Quaintly stopped on by by accident and came along for the show. I crashed halfway through setting up the penguins and I think it was all Alicia could do to restrain herself from setting them off prematurely.

For those who can't be arsed to watch the youtube vid here's a couple of photos to explain quite what went on, and perhaps to entice you to click play after all.

The quote of the night:
Quaintly: - I didn't have particles on so didn't see any blood!
Alicia - You got the kiddy-rated version!
The only downside to this was creating more lag than the sim has ever seen. Even more than at the height of the chicken epidemic of 2009. Walking was nigh on impossible. Also the free-flowing penguin guts kinda created an infinite loop. As quick as the first penguins re-rezzed, they were set off again.

By the eighth or ninth time around Alicia had to return my items to my L&F. I wanted to let it run all night "just to see what happened". But she said no :( SOmething about not wanting to piss her tenants off or something. I don't know. This is science! Or art maybe. Or both?

There was one disappointment to come out of this - the sim didn't crash. I was gutted. Alicia and Quaintly felt jipped. I felt sure it would do something terminal. I need to think bigger, I guess.

The thing that took me longest about this whole aquatic avian adventure? Deciding on what music to add as a soundtrack. That shit is tricky.


  1. OMG, what is it with you and birds Marnix??? First you put your chickens on a ship and set it on fire and now you let 116 penguins kill themselves???
    btw I see blood all over the place, lol

  2. ROFL omg, that is tooooooo hilarious, well done!

  3. This is genius! Now you need to do something with peacocks! I'm not sure what, but anything with peacocks has to be awesome, right?


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