Monday, March 15, 2010

Experiments in scupltiness

If I am showing demos of my art in plurk to friends quite often I will import the images into Powerpoint (for ease) and use this neat little effect it has to make them look kind 3D-ish. It looks pretty, that's really the only reason for it. As you can see:

Just recently I received a comment that made me think. Someone said they liked the rounded canvases. I wondered whether this is something that I could perhaps try in SL, for a change and stuff.

I had no idea how to do it, mind, not being a builder and stuff. But after consulting with the oracle that is my plurk friendslist it came down to two options. One was to effectively 'build' a canvas from multiple prims. This was a no-no because a) I kind like my art being one prim, and b) how on earth would I texture a multiple prim build?

Option two was to use sculpties. Once my eyes had finished glazing over, friends came to the rescue. Quaintly told me about a free sculptie fatpack which would contain what I would need, Tym ran over to grab said fatpack and then dropped me a copy given it was trans, and then later Quaintly dropped into my gallery and volunteered to help teach me texturing skillz.

In her words though: "texturing sculpties is like winning the lottery". I've never won the lottery. Not even three numbers. I didn't hold much hope for sculpty-texturing therefore.

And yet, after much head-slapping, swearing and tweaking of numbers this was the result below. The original is on the left.

It's almost ok. And I learned a lot, so thankyou, Q. But the bottom line is that texturing a sculpty with my art kinda transforms the art a bit. It makes it a little different to what I original created. And so for that reason, I still be sticking with the simple prim canvas.

I least I can say I tried it though, right?

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