Friday, April 23, 2010

Double bill

Since the last post I've been a bit down on SL. I log in and find two people on my friends list online. And they're contacts rather than friends. It gets depressing sometimes.

Live music though, that is something I really enjoy in SL, and something I try to make time for. Especially when it's at Idle Rogue, my friend Chry's venue. Which is just next to my gallery incidentally ;)

Tonight it was a double-bill. Two artists for the price of one.

First up was Nohj Martinek, a Kiwi with an English accent. Nice stuff. Covers. Moody Blues, Elton John, Buffalo Springfield, Boby Dylan, Tom Petty. A nice half hour set. And great to open up for the headliner.

The headlining artist though was Adrienne Deezul, a kiwi in German exile.

And she was awesome. I cannot do the set justice by describing it. I really liked her stuff. I don't know how to pigeon-hole it for your understanding. Kind of think Joan Osborne with a smidge of Alanis Morrisette with their edgy vocals and acoustic stuff, but with kinda of an industrial celtic twist? I dunno. Something like that. Whatever. It was good.

Another extreme positive for the evening was the audience. And the artists, I guess. I stood in a room in SL with at least six other people in or from NZ. That has never happened before. I never ever thought it would. I knew three other people in NZ in SL before. I have now tripled the number I have met. Which makes me smile.

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  1. There are kiwi's in SL? Who knew...

    Make sure you come to the bloggers party tomorrow! Tyms blog has the details. 9am our time.


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