Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time changes everything

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we moved a couple of weeks ago to wintertime. In contrast, as most of you will no doubt be aware, the Northern Hemisphere moved last month to summertime. Or daylight savings time. Or whatever you call it in your neck of the words.

I can hear you all wondering what place useless not-even-facts like that have on a SL blog. Well, I'll tell you. It all comes down to time differences. With me moving backwards and the north moving forward, given I am in the future, you'd be forgiven for thinking the time difference between me and pretty much the rest of SL got smaller.

For Europe, that is indeed true. I have gone from being 13 hours ahead of the motherland England to being only 11 hours ahead. It means when my mum forgets the time difference and phones me at 7pm it is now 6am for me, not 8am. Joy.

When it comes to the US though, and most of SL, the picture is a little murkier. Take SLT for example. I have gone from being 21 hours ahead to being 19 hours ahead. On the face of it it looks like the gap has narrowed. But because I am so far ahead of them it is like I am behind them, only in tomorrow. So ignoring days, I have gone from 3 hours behind SLT to 5 hours behind.

And that's the problem. When I come inworld it is usually somewhere after 8pm for me. In my summer that was 11pm SLT and still early enough for some of my American friends to be online. Now however, in my winter, 8pm for me is 1am SLT. The number of American friends still awake is thus smaller. And 8pm is the earliest I ever get online pretty much.

So basically the number of friends I ever see online from this point until October is minimal. Perhaps it is time to start exploring alone again. I could even resurrect Wherever Wednesday, I guess. Or maybe just hanging with my Aussie friends. Although previously that's always ended up causing me grief and drama. Aussie women, eh? Sheesh ;)


  1. For obvious reasons, I kinda HAVE to agree with you about Aussie women (lol).

    I understand how it becomes harder for you to connect with the US from now on. :(
    On the other hand, it's easier now to make friends with fellow Brits on their lunch break. (ok, not serious here!)

  2. I miss seeing you in world, even though you usually only caught me when I was headed to bed. LOL Thank goodness for plurk, right?


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