Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A niche market?

Yesterday at work a friend brought to my attention Alibinetwork. The website describes the company as "...a cutting edge full-service discreet agency providing alibis and excuses for absences as well as assistance with a variety of sensitive issues." Digging deeper it looks like they provide a very comprehensive and varied service.

After my initial surprise and shock that such a service existed, my reaction settled on the side of admiration. I guess the market must exist if the business does so you have to give the ideas people brownie points for spotting an opportunity.

Thinking later about the whole thing I was struck with an idea of my own. If the business need exists in RL, then surely it must exist in SL too, right? If people need "Privacy Partners" in RL then why not in SL?

It was that thought that has led to my new business venture - SLalibis. Never one to shirk away from grabbing on to someone else's coat-tails I am launching the service today.

So, if you need an SLalibi talk to me. I understand my clients' unique situations and will explore with them various approaches before arriving at and implementing the best solution on a case-by-case basis. I understand your need for complete secrecy and discretion and won't plurk details of cases even with clients' names removed. Rest assured of that.

Maybe you need to hide a discreet booty-call. I can provide you with timely hunt gifts that 'prove' you were busy hunting, not playing hide the pixel sausage with your floozy.

Maybe you want time alone with a 'friend'. I can rent a private luxury hideaway sim in our name so it will never appear on your transaction history as well as constructing a perfectly innocent chatlog, complete with gestures, to show you were shopping and talking to many, many strangers at the time.

Maybe you're in a straight relationship but feel the need to hang around in gay strip clubs. I can replicate your appearance and provide you with time-stamped pictures showing 'you' in a range of well-known photogenic locations.

Maybe you simply want to buy the secret flesh-interest in your life with saucy gifts that cannot be traced back to you. I can track down the perfectly in-appropriate items and transfer them with a notecard on your behalf.

Or maybe your significant other is inworld while you are trying to seduce noobs on Orientation Island for meaningless cyber-nookie. I can provide you with an attractive and fashionable alt to use while logging on as you and entertaining your partner on your behalf.

This is just a selection of the services I can offer. Whatever your need, I can provide the support and solution you are looking for. With a guaranteed promise of no guilt-trip or disapproving noises. IM me now for a free initial consultation.


  1. I love this post!

    And I may possibly have need of your services...

  2. bwahahahaha!

    *may also possibly one day need your services*


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