Monday, November 23, 2009

Cl-cl-cl-click on a penguin

A little while ago I found something awesome on XStreet. Meet Blasty, he's a penguin. But not just any old penguin. He's an exciting penguin, as a few of my friends have found when they've had one left on their land or dumped into their inventory by me. I like to share the love.

I also like to share the blood and guts. Which is good. Because, y'see, when you click on Blasty he, as his name suggests, explodes showering blood and internal penguin organs all around.

Now, this is entertaining enough for a while. Like for at least an hour or two. A day. For a month. Or two. But eventually a boy needs more. A boy needs bigger and better. So I got to thinking. The penguin explodes on a click or a bump...the penguin shoots guts about the if the body bits are physical then by standing penguins next to each other...

I tried rezzing two penguins first, right next to each other. I clicked on one and it exploded. Brains and liver and kidneys leapt into the air in a shower of blood. And then, yes! Success! Penguin two exploded. But two was never going to be enough, was it?

You see where I'm going with this, don't you? Think domino rally, but with no dominoes. And with penguins. And penguin offal.

It worked perfectly. The penguins exploded down the line, each one setting the next one off. Boom, boom, boom.

Sometimes the effect would not be immediate, but usually a stray bit of intestine bouncing around would trigger the next one eventually.

By the end the poolside was littered with penguin parts. The pool was pretty full too. But ah, bugger, a problem...

Y'see, the penguins explode and disappear and leave their internal bits around for a while. And then, after a pre-determined time, the organs and brains and stuff disappear and the penguin re-rezzes. But if penguin number one rezzes while penguin number sixteen's spleen is still bouncing around on the tiles there is a fair chance that penguin one will explode again. And by the time this happens penguin two has rezzed. And so on. And so on.

I found myself in an endless penguin loop. The lag from the scripts and the bouncing lungs and hearts even caused Arora to crash. I thought it would never stop.

For a while there I was actually worried that it would actually never ever stop. I has visions of the whole sim being closed and taped off with that yellow police crime scene tape to prevent anyone getting tangled up in the penguin loop. I imagined huge danger and warning signs around the edge of the sim. The map would be marked "Here be penguins".

By the third or fourth time down the row I was madly trying to delete penguins as they re-rezzed before they exploded. It was, to be honest, a little manic. But finally I managed to delete enough of them for the others not to explode. And....relax.


  1. OMG ... If you'd caused the sim to be blocked off so I could get in to my home due to damn penguin lag I would have ... I would have ... hmmm ... I would have followed you with penguins where-ever you tried to hide and kept blasting you!!!

  2. THIS... was the funniest blog I have red in a loooonnngg time :) GREAT BLOG!...

  3. This was great. I had the giggles.

    It reminds me of the penguins in the movie 'Madagascar'.

    "Yes, Rico... KABOOM!"

  4. Anyone who hasn't done so, can I urge you please to read about my chicken funeral


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