Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting antsy

This time of year is always busy for me. Summer sport has kicked off again now the evenings are getting longer, I have some other stuff on a couple of evenings a week, and basically I don't get home before 9 or 10pm on Monday through Wednesday. Also Thursdays are quite busy too. Then we're around to Friday which can be when social stuff happens and the weekends are always hit and miss whether they're packed or not. And even if they're not, getting time sat at the laptop can be tricky at best.

Basically, it feels like I haven't been inworld for ever. And the next few weeks are going to be the same. And then it's Christmas which will be a lottery when it comes to SL-time. I miss SL time - exploring, buying stuff and my friends especially. If it wasn't for plurk they might be searching the online Kiwi obituaries for mention of someone with a "secret internet life" by now.

It's kinda hard sometimes, being on plurk, seeing friends posting about inworld stuff, showing us pics, telling everyone how much fun they're having. I miss it. I want to be there too, right alongside them, laughing and being silly with them.

Don't get me wrong, I don't resent RL stuff. I enjoy the stuff that is keeping me out of SL immensely, and it is usually all by choice. I love summer as I can put some shorts on and run around and get all hot and sweaty. And I love spending time with friends.

But I still miss SL. And I'm getting antsy. I have stuff to do. My inventory won't sort itself, the house won't decorate itself, and I hate to think of the mess Buckley has made with no-one cleaning up after him. I have a filter-cam to review, I have poses to sort, and my swans and koi won't appreciate being left in my 'animals' folder.

Maybe if I stopped working I could spend all day in SL and then still have the evenings free for RL...


  1. No photos? Geez. I'm taking you off my blogroll. :-p

  2. Uh huh. I'm totally hardcore with taking people off my blogroll.

  3. I just checked on Buckley. He's found a mate and now you have a litter of puppies to worry about too. That and the mess. He ate the sofa and dont worry about the swans and fish - he ate them as well.
    And did you have a house? Well, its gone. It was sold by the somalian pirates who used it as a home for a while.

    Miss ya!

  4. Yes the puppies are all cross-breed labrador - german shepherds. You now owe me LOTS of puppy maintenance fees for Buckley knocking up Mishka!!!

  5. Tell me please, Ember, that Mishka is not your name when you are in your dog av.
    The image of you and Buckley doing the nasty could haunt me forever otherwise.
    It is *way* past disturbing.


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