Monday, November 9, 2009

A tad remiss

I've not been in SL much recently. This is a busy time of year for me, RL-wise, and then when I have made it online recently, my time has been spent with one person in particular for the odd hour or so I have, rather than out and about doing stuffs, seeing stuffs and meeting stuffs...erm... people.

As such the much promised inventory sort will have to wait, Wherever Wednesday is taking a sabbatical, and the continuing new house furnishing is delayed a smidge.

[Ooh, that's a point - did I tell you I'd moved? I don't I did, did I? Well, more on that when I can show we're ready to accept visitors. But the bottom line is that I have moved. But you probably gathered that much by now, eh?]

So yeah, no interesting pics to show you. No news of exciting new places I've visited. And no random musings on SLife.

I whole-heartedly apologise. Normal service will be resumed in a bit. I promise.


  1. You're boring now. I'm taking you off my blogroll.


  2. And no lie? The word verification for my last comment was "laters." LMAO!!

  3. :p - fine. Be like that. I don't need fair-weather friends like you anyhow. I can live without you reading my blog. Who needs readers anyhow? :p

    /me sits in a corner and pouts

  4. You couldn't liveeeeee without me reading your blog! :) I'm too super fantastic!


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