Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lovely girls

This evening I was over at my gallery when I saw two yellow dots I recognised over in another part of the sim. I wandered over to find Jewellah and Chry worrying over piles and piles of presents all gathered together under a tree.

They then presented one to me! To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement.

Given that tonight was my last time in SL for maybe a week due to festive travels the girls said I could open my gift there and then. Which I promptly did, to find myself bestowed with a shirt and trousers combo from Alphamale. I tried it on so they could see the visual fruits of their searching endeavours. Purple suits me, I think.

As well as the shirt there was also another small gift from the cheeky lasses. I tried that on too, as I think that was kind of their aim...

Thank you so much, Chry & J, for making me smile tonight. I totally wasn't expecting a Christmas present. But you surprised me with one. You're both lovely, whatever you try and claim.


  1. Hi, Marnix. I'm not sure why, but your current blog theme doesn't vertically replicate the background image under Firefox 3.5.6, which makes the text unreadable unless one highlights it. Google's Chrome/Chromium browser does show it as intended, but you might want to bring the issue up with the person who created the theme. Thanks!


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