Monday, December 21, 2009


On Friday, in RL, I had the Christmas party for my team at work. Somehow during the course of the evening the discussion moved on to me and my love of spreadsheets. At this point Mrs Marnix revealed to everyone present that I keep a spreadsheet of sales of my art work in SL. (New range of work, entitled Symmetry, on sale now, btw!) Cue the usual "Second what?" questions.

I am not quite sure what I stammered and stuttered to try and explain what Second Life was, why I 'play' it, and how it quite works that I sell art I create in RL to people in SL to adorn the walls of their virtual houses and stores etc. but I am glad that the pizza restaurant was dark enough to hide my blushing cheeks. I think the end result was quite a few people not quite understanding the concept and thinking that I am perhaps even more of a geek than they already think I am because I know my way around a spreadsheet.

This whole experience got me thinking. Why do I, or even we, find the concept of SL such a difficult thing to explain? Why does the idea of meeting people around the world and making friends seem such an alien idea to others just because it exists through the medium of computer software and an avatar?

I really felt embarrassment at having to explain what I spend some of my non-work hours doing. I have really no idea why though. What is more shameful? That I have a Second Life, or that I struggle to talk about it?


  1. I think most people think of SL as a cartoon porn world, cos after all, its the reputation it has...just a big sex orgy chatroom with cartoon people in it.

  2. Rofl, I kept a spreadsheet too.

    And omg, my Mum asked me the other day, if I had heard of a game called SL. Then I started rattling on about it - I think a bit too much. Its a fine balance between people giving you that 'WTF' look, understanding you have another 'life', and calling the men to bring white jackets with the lovely buckles on them that set off my eyes.



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