Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter sports

Moving from the northern to the southern hemisphere, one of the biggest differences for me to have to get used to, and something I continually struggle with, is inverted seasons. This is especially the case for me when it comes to Christmas.

For me, Christmas is a winter thing. All the movies, the cards, the music, the shopping mall imagery - it's all wintery. Even here, in the height of summer, it's all wintery.

This year though, things haven't been quite so bad for me. Either I am slowly getting used to the idea, or else, more likely, my first Christmas in SL is allowing me to get a virtual winter fix. After all, I can sit here in shorts and t-shirt while having a snowball fight...

...or going ice-skating, can't I?

1 comment:

  1. It's a lot different living in an area that is warm for the holidays. I just moved back to SC after living in Oregon for 7 years and I hate that it's been in the 70's here, doesn't feel like Christmas. At least SL gives you that welcomed wintery break :)


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