Friday, October 2, 2009

Home sweet home (again!)

I thought it proper, given I moved home a while back, to give you a bit of a tour. I have been busy getting things right, so I delayed until I has happy to take visitors. It is almost there now, but is probably about ready so take a wander round while I put the kettle on.

The house is a prefab. I wouldn't even consider building myself. Are you quite mad? It's by that well-known bloke who sounds like a cross between a Second World War spitfire pilot and and Egyptian god. The house is called Angolo, which means 'angle' in Italian, factfans.

If we start outside you can one of my favourite parts of this little island. This hammock is just awesome and has some cute little poses in it. I love lying here taking it easy.

Wandering through the door you come to the living room, complete with dog corner and open fireplace. I love my gorgeous new bonsai tree. I killed a bonsai I had once in RL so it is good to have a second chance with one that won't die.

I've gone for quite a minimalist look with the decor as it seemed to fit well with the house style.

Up and round the corner is the bedroom. La boudoir de Marnix, if you will. Actually. it might be le boudoir. I don't remember. Excuse my French. The bed comes complete with 'jump' animation. There really is nothing quite so good at erasing the worries of the day as jumping up and down on your bed.

By the way, how much of your own artwork can you put up around your house before it can be classed as self-indulgent?

And just up from the bedroom we come to the bathroom furnished with a brand new hot tub.

I 'built' and textured that floor myself. I was so proud of the achievement :)

And now a few gratutitous night shots, just because they looked nice. And demonstrate how long it took me to take all these photos. It was daytime when I started!

So yeah, house complete. Apart from a few little finishing touches. Any time you're free, stop by for a chat. The coffee pot is always full.


  1. hey i got the same hammock!!! i LOVE it!! Vextra Messing ROCKS doesn't she?!! house looks LOVELY and i would love to come visit you there! i dont drink coffee but i can bring some margarita's for a house warming eh? ;)

  2. Congrats Marnix!
    It's a nice place, and you 're such a good translator too...;)

  3. The bathroom floor is great, you're justifiably proud of it! The textures match up at the sides and everything :D I remember making my first object - a pose stand. I'd copied dimensions & script from a free pose stand, then modified them to get what I wanted, and I was so excited! lol

    Are you still planning to extend the deck and add deck chairs? I think there are a couple of good deals on low-prim deck chairs on Xstreet right now ;)

  4. Such a nice home Marnix. you did a great job decorating and landscaping. For a guy *grins

  5. "For a guy", Eva? "For a guy"!?! The cheek of it!

    If I was the sort to take myself too seriously I would be mortally wounded. Or at least I might act like I was grievously offended.

    As it is, I'll just laugh it off and take is as a compliment.

  6. You Sir, are an amazing writer. I am trying to read them all...but pheww...I wish I had come across your blog earlier on in your journeys. I think I'm up to "Dinotopia" in March...I love your clever titles too. Your house looks very cool and comfortable, and you have great taste as I love the minimalistic style. Oh no...I think I'm developing an sl crush on you, hurry, run away... : )
    Thank you for the have gained another follower.

  7. Aw, thank you, Brenna. It is always encouraging to hear that people read and enjoy the nonsense I scribble down.

    As you will see when you reach early Sep I love receiving random IMs and blog comments from people I've never met :)

  8. Well, now you have piqued my curiosity and I will have to skip ahead to read "early Sep"... I am too impatient to

    Oh, btw, I checked out your gallery last night...very well done. I loved the look of it, and am again impressed with your style. I couldn't resist purchasing a painting, but sadly, do not have a I can take it out and admire it at a sandbox I suppose until I figure out what I am doing with my sl life :)

    But, omg, what is with the creepy voice saying, "help me"? The first time I heard it I actually looked over my creeeeepy


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