Sunday, September 6, 2009

Normal service is restored

After a small emotional hiccup yesterday a few slaps round the face, a few encouraging words, and a few correctly placed hugs have got me back on track. Some people are lovely, y'know?

And what better way to get back on top of things than attending a gig by my fave SL performer. It is rare I make her gigs because of the old timezone thingummy but today everything was in alignment for me to catch the mellow guitar and vocal stylings of Miss Starflower Orbit for a second time.

And just like last time she rocked. It was just the chill pill I needed.

I have been trying to persuade friends to go along to Starflower's gigs when they're on, even if I'm not inworld, but with no success so far.

Today, being inworld, I was determined to spread the word and invited a couple of friends to join me. You'll have to ask them for a definitive answer, but I am pretty sure Lysi, Lolita and Boss enjoyed Starflower's music.


  1. Starflower is what you'd get if Jewel, Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, and Sarah Buxton all combined their singing genes together. ;)

  2. Oh we loved it! And we are so glad you told us about her show. We would love to know when she plays again. We had a great time and we ended our stay there with laughs as we danced on those sky platforms. It was so much fun. Thank you for telling us and sharing. (( BIG HUGS ))

    :: Lolita Oleander ::


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