Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swirly Disco Flames

A little while ago I mentioned that I had a business idea. I also mentioned that I wasn't going to be put off despite someone kinda doing the same thing (although not as well!) already. I ploughed on blindly regardless and am at a stage now where I can share news of some developments.

Swirly Disco Flames is officially open for business!

And I've made two sales already! Woohoo!

The place is finished, apart from a few final tweaks. But while those go on, the place is most definitely open. Come on down to Idle Rogue when you have a few spare minutes and check it all out. I'd love some independent feedback :)

You never know you might even get a photo opp with the artist himself ;p

I intend to have a grand opening party ("GOP") (which you're all invited to, of course) and I'll have news about that as and when plans begin to firm up. There is a group set up for my place too, if you want real up-to-the-minute news on the GOP, but at the moment I haven't figured out how to sort a group joiner thingy for the front of the gallery. You can find the group in my profile though and join that way if you're keen.

But yeah, other than that, please enjoy my work :)


  1. Very cool! So now I know why you were asking in Plurk how much would someone pay for a peice of art in SL.

  2. I stopped by your store and enjoyed the pictures. If I had a house, I'd hang one up. :)

  3. /me puts her hands up to say "First to Join" nyah nyah nyah


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