Monday, May 4, 2009

Arctic Monkeys

Saturday night is dancing night and a surprise trip inworld ended up with me and Iss donning our party frocks and heading out for a boogie.

It was like an episode of Dancing with the Stars, all twirls and lifts and spins and tippy-tappy stuff.

"Very artistics and graceful, capturing raw emotion and filled with both style and substance" said the judges. "10; 10; 9.7; 10"

And then we discovered some sexy dances...rawr!

And ooh, pretty pictures!

Oh, and 25p and a packet of jelly snakes to anyone who can tell me why I've titled the post as I have.


  1. Heyyyyy! We went dancing too! See recent blogpost. rofl

  2. Ooo I love the pictures!

    And Arctic Monkeys is a band right? LOL Im not sure

  3. It's all down to you, Lialynn :)

    And yes, they're a band. You're halfway there...


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