Monday, May 18, 2009

Homeless in pyjamas

This used to be where my living room was. But now it's not. It's now just an empty space. No sofa, no dog basket, no cockatiel perch, no pictures. All gone.

I've hadn't logged into SL for about a week, I landed in a field instead of my hallway. To commiserate I ended up hanging with the the lovely laydees Laleeta, Asthenia and Quaintly. There's nothing quite like sitting round chatting about Eurovision in your PJs is there?


  1. Center in the pic, wooooooooooooooooot! (Sorray, sugah overload :D )

  2. What happened to the cockatiel perch?

  3. Asthenia - it wouldn't have felt right to have you anywhere else

    Banana - sitting in my lost-and-found...

  4. so so sorry but well finances you know

  5. Hey Amelia
    I totally totally understand. Sorry, this post was not intended to make you guys feels guilty in any way.
    I know it was not your chosen route so please don't think I think badly of you or anything


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