Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tropical retreat

Over the week Chry dropped me an LM for a tropical island to check out. The Cocos Islands. She raved about it. A lot. So me and Iss pulled on our swimming togs and went for a wander to see what all the fuss was about.

What we found was a palm tree-laden drop of paradise. Hummingbirds flit from orchid to orchid while the call of parakeets counterbalances the jabber of monkeys high in the canopy above, all competing with the roar of a distant waterfall. Where better to crash and talk for a time?

We lay back against a young palm, the buzz of insects permeating the warm breeze. We gazed out to sea watching cotton-puff clouds dance with the horizon as the lazy palm fronds bounced above our sweat-dewed bodies.

Later, we explored a little and diced with nature. Down by a beach camp fire a slit of a cave mouth opened to the caverns within, complete with a bat to disturb and a iridescent roof. Wandering from the golden shore, the cooling sea revealed a reef teeming with all kinds of marine life.

At this point I also discovered my AO has a 'swim'. Yay! Score!

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