Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The survey says.....?

On Sunday I had some free time so was checking out some old LMs and deleting and sorting them and stuff. So here's me, randomly TP-ing around, not really knowing where I'd land. It never surprises me how often when I do that sort of thing I land near all sort of nekkid slexiness, but that's not the point of this post. It happens to us all, I'm sure.

But this one place I landed, and bear in mind I was getting a bit bored by this point, I decided to cam around a bit and see what was happening with the green dot I saw on the mini-map. Ooops, that's not one green dot, it's two. And that's either a strap-on or really badly colour-matched. But again, not the point of this post.

OK, so you get the idea. I land, I cam around, I find more nekkid nortiness.

But, this time, rather than leaving them to it, I decide to check out their profiles. Not sure why, I just thought I would.

And now, finally, we reach the point of the post. A moral dilemma. Y'see, in the bloke's profile, I saw he was partnered. And his profile text was declaring all sorts of undying devotion and dedication, fidelity and for eternity stuff about his partner. But, and I am sure you can see this coming, the lass he was with was not said partner.

I was left with a dilemma. I weighed up all my options and decided what to do. But I want to see if my response is typical of you lot out there. So I am doing a survey. Reply to this post and let me know what you would have done in my shoes.

The scenario is as above, you're me, what would you do?
a)   Turn a blind eye - it's nothing to do with you so you'd leave them to it, good luck to them, and TP out of there as quick as your clicking will permit
b)   IM the fella - "Wahey! Good on ya, fella. What the little lady doesn't know won't hurt her"
c)   IM the fella - "Erm, excuse me, but is that sort of behaviour really a correct way to carry on given you're partnered?"
d)   IM the lass - "Oi, y'whore! You know he's partnered, right?"
e)   IM the lass - "I hate to be a damp squib, but just in case you were not aware, that bloke with his bits up your bits has a young lady elsewhere in the grid"
f)   Take a photo and send it to the blokes' partner - letting her know what her partner's getting up to while she's elsewhere
g)   Take a photo and send it to the bloke - with a request for cash. Lots of cash.
h)   Walk away - knowing my luck I'd interfere and then find out that the lass was an alt of the bloke's partner, or else they'd have a fully open relationship or something and then I'd just be stirring the crap for no reason at all and I just don't need the drama
i) Ask them if you could join in - there's a gap that needs filling, so to speak.
j) None of the above
I guess it all comes down to how vindictive you are. Or maybe how permissive.

Everyone, vote....NOW!


  1. (h). Because if it's in his profile, she's fully capable of reading it, so she ought to know; and like you said, she might be his partner's alt, or he might be in an open relationship or... whatever.


  2. Probably h). But at the same time if I was his partner, I would like to know...

  3. I'd say h, particularly if I didn't know either one of them. No drama is good drama, and I'd stay out of it altogether.

  4. So that's 3 for h) so far. Any more for any more?

  5. Inform the partner (without the pic, i dont know where you get ideas like that :O :p)

  6. A)
    For all you know it was his partner's alt. I think. I mean morally right to let someone know but it's not like you have the WHOLE story. So mebbe you could stalk them awhile, then decide!

  7. I would soooo bust him! Snap, snap, snap pix, drop them on his partner's profile (the one he's everlasting with, not the one with his bits up her bits, as you put it). If the sex partner is her alt, no harm done. But if she doesn't know, she should.

  8. Oh, and by the way I would send the pix so she wouldn't be able to play mind games with herself; she would know. And also because I hate hypocrisy and he was sure being hypocritical.

  9. Chey \o/
    Finally someone who wouldn;t just turn their back ;)

  10. burn his ass at the stake.

    But I'm not bitter or anything... ;)


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