Sunday, May 24, 2009

Going cheep

Despite all the bad press about world domination and crack-like levels of addiction I have been following the story of Nika's chickens avidly. They're spreading like virulent boils and everyone is hatching eggs and cooing over fluffy chicks it seems. Alicia's at it, Rylan's at it, Felicity's at it, everyone's at it...

To be honest with you, I am finding it hard incredibly hard to resist. But why though? So they're hatching, growing, reproducing chickens with a bit of AI thrown in and a taste for expensive food. But what makes them so addictive? I didn't even know until just now that the grown-up chickens are all different colours and you can blend colours by encouraging hens and roosters of different colours to reproduce but I still want some. I am drawn like some SL moth to a chicken-farming flame.

I like to imagine Sion Zaius, destructive mastermind, like some evil Bond baddy in his volcano secret hide-out, stroking a bald cat.


  1. Come to the darkside know you want a baby chicken too!

  2. Yes, but Felicity, I also know one will never be enough...

  3. Try to resist the dark side, Marnix! I am crossing my fingers for you (and eating delicious hot wings).

  4. wings! (insert Homer Simpson drooling here)


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