Friday, October 2, 2009

A big claim

Close by the Beaumont sim I noticed a sign.

Sadly the structure had banlines around it so I couldn't get any closer but a little camera ninjery allowed me to view all the way to the top. So the answer is....a platform and some flags?

While I'm here, this sign makes a bold claim. But is it true? Can anyone beat the height of this column?


  1. Well you can't build above 4000 meters so yeah I think that's the truth :p

  2. Well now I'm going to have to try.

  3. Me toooo! I wanna be on Marnix's blog for having the tallest phallic structure.

    Ermmm. Maybe not.

  4. I've been up there -- Jerremy and I tried to kiss, but of course it is too high to rez anything at the very top. That is the building limit. I would not be surprised of someone has matched it though. We did not find 'the answer' either - though it might help to know the question first.

  5. Banana Vella said " I wanna be on Marnix's blog for having the tallest phallic structure"

    Banana's Hubby goes shopping for freenis...

  6. I write a simple post about a tall tower and get the most comments I have for weeks.

    Bloody typical...


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