Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sometimes you just gotta dance, y'know? And when a friend TPs you to head on over to the new club her friends have set up, sometimes you just have to put on your dancing shoes and hail a taxi.

I'd not been there before, given it only opened last week, but the Mile High Club looks like a pretty cool place. Especially since it has the twirly sky dancing platforms thingies me, Lolita and Boss first saw while watching Starflower play a while back. I don't often frequent clubs in SL, mainly because anywhere with more than four people in the sim presents a high probability of me crashing, but this place seems like fun. But of course half the fun of any place is the people you're surrounded by.

Even if I was there on my own, to be honest, this place would still get a thumbs up though. Any club where the DJ will play me Axel F (the Harold Faltermeyer original of course, not the Crazy Frog version!) on request is alright by me.

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  1. Awwww Marnix you totally rock! (( BIG HUGS )) And now I know how come you were crashing so much that night you were taking pictures. It makes me totally happy when I'm dancing and hanging out with my friends! So glad you all came that night. BIGGEST SMILE TODAY after reading this. *Dancing happy dance*


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