Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wherever Wednesday - Gibson

So far Wherever Wednesday has taken me to Beaumont and Insilico. Wednesdays roll around fast these days and before I knew it was time once again to cast my dice and submit my wanderings to the gods of loading screen.

There are some places that looking really quite interesting on the loading screens. And some that don't. There is one that just looks like an empty beach. Last night, said empty beach appeared as I loaded up Emerald. I thought about having to blog my time roaming over sand dunes and nothing else and almost decided to cancel and reload SL. I reconsidered. That wouldn't really having been playing within my own rules, would it?

So, an empty beach, and a sim called Gibson. Expecting sun, sea and sand I donned a pair of shorts. It felt semi-appropriate. I didn't give my companion explorer and guest photographer, Arora, any clothing guidance as I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It turns out SL is the a place you can explore in heels. Her. Not me.

When we arrived we found a box of a city with skyscrapers called Nexus Prime. A citadel perhaps. There didn't seem to be any doors though or anything to press or click. Even the gun turret just sat there doing nothing. Luckily there were a few others things to explore though that we saw as we cammed around.

The first we found as we wandered over a hill from the landing point was a big pool-type thing. We're not really sure what it did or why it was there. We just took a quick look and then wandered off to find some more stuff. I blame the over-exuberance of having a full sim to explore. The stuff at the beginning always loses out.

Round the back of the citadel was a delapidated wooden hut - the love shack the sign said. In side we saw a dirt mattress on the floor and another leaned against the wall adorned with a blood stain. Not precisely my idea of a love shack, to be honest. Moving on...

Up in the sky we came across a glowy white sphere and inside it was big organ with screens that seemed to want to play media but did nothing. Oooh, so close to actually having something to interact with...

Under the citadel, in a pond, we discovered a black box. It took impressive camera ninjery to find it, to be honest. Camming inside showed some sort of Tron-looking room labelled Black Sun.

And through the screen doors there were some inaminate but intimidating sentinels. Like lots of this sim, we were kinda left thinking "Interesting, but why? And why put it here?"

By now we were feeling a little deflated with Gibson. There were some nice ideas and stuff but we were left with more questions than answers. Some things we wanted answers to. Some, like the very organic-looking tunnel complete with bright blue nub over the entrance, we didn't really want to enquire about in too much depth. Either way, we decided it was time to move on and noticed movement on the sim next to us so headed over. What we found was a waterfall overlooking some sort of officially-branded educational stage.

As we stood there we noticed more movement. Huge cubes flashing with colour were falling from the sky to the ground. Tens and tens of cubes. A waterfall of giant flashing cubes. With no indication as to why. It was becoming a theme for the evening.

In a short while, they were everywhere, almost completely covering the sim. One cube that wasn't falling or flashing was a Borg cube complete with "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated" soundtrack. In the end the sim got so covered we decided to run over to the next sim where we had seen some sort of racing inflatable ring boats things complete with cannon. But we didn't get time to check them out as the cubes continued falling, speading out into the new sim we were on. We couldn't quite figure it out but it seemed we were being targeted. Was it some sort of surreal security device? We certainly had no answers.

In the end we had to wander over to the next sim over again, the third over from Gibson, where we started. Here we found an eclectic collection of houses and judging by the "Foxes at work" signs and 'erotic' porcupine wall art (don't ask!) I reckon it could well have been a furry community. But I have no room to explore that further here even if I wanted to.

In summary, Gibson, where we started for this Wherever Wednesday doesn't quite seem finished or have any common threads we could really identify. And the sim next door pours flashing cubes on you. And the next one but one after that has porcupine soft porn. All in all, we were not quite sure really. This week was a bit on the confusing side.

But for every Insilico there is a Gibson (& neighbours), I suppose. That's the beauty of SL isn't it?

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