Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wherever Wednesday - Bug Island

It's a little late, I know. But I got there. Eventually.

This week's random explorer tour (I'm not explaining again - if you want background read back here and here and here) took me to Bug Island. Look at the view below that I saw as I landed. Erm, not a good start, eh?. Just once can I go somewhere interesting!?!

Yes, you guessed it, it is a sandbox. The gods of the loading screen decided I should explore a sandbox. Genius.

But, on your behalf, I decided I should still walk around to see if anything interesting was around.

There was some mildly interesting stuff as I cammed around. Some blocks and some balls and some numbered blocks in the sky.

Probably the most interesting thing I found, and everything is relative, was a Dan Linden shiny test. You sit on a pyramid and get given 4 huds and then check a picture the HUD shows you against what you are seeing in order to check that your shiny works. You do it for noon, midnight, sunrise and sunset settings. Yes, that's it.

There was also a lighting test. But I figured I could only take so much excitement for one day.

The final piece of relative excitement was noticing a blue dot on my mini-map. I don't think I've seen a blue dot before, only green ones and yellow ones. So I cammed over, and ooh, hello a Linden. I always expected them to dress better.

I then left because someone sent me a TP and dancing with friends in her roller rink sounded much more appealling than a sandbox.


  1. The majority of Lindens look like they just stepped off of Orientation Island. It's been VERY rare that I've seen a good looking one. Although some do have pretty awesome non-human avatars.

  2. Marnyyyyy, I asked you a questionnnnnn, and you didnt answerrrrrrrrr!

    End of whine.

  3. I replied, Nana, I replied. Eventually...


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