Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy rezzday, laydees

I went to a party yesterday. My first rezzday party, I think. Well, not my first rezzday party, that won't come around till February sometime, but the first rezzday party I have been too. At least I think it is. If I have been to another and I have forgotten, I blame the foggy haze that is Monday mornings and I am sticking to excuse. I know I have had a few invitations to rezzday parties but y'know, timezones and stuffs...

So yeah, the rezzday party. It was a joint party for Arora, Ember and Bindy - three of my fave Aussie lasses and it was held up in Bindy's awesome forest garden skybox.

It turned out that the theme of the party was 'white'. And most people turned up in suitable attire or, like me, changed into white once the theme became obvious.

Of course, with a white dress code, you just know that someone had to put on a stormtrooper outfit. But boy, that stormtrooper sure had riddum.

1 comment:

  1. The funny thing is the theme was started by one simple pair of wings ... and then the whole plan was the rezz day girls would wear it ... then you guys jumped in and VOILA .. we had a theme.

    So thank you to the angelic wings!


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