Thursday, September 3, 2009

Out of the blue - *please*

The are few things I enjoy more in SL than receiving a random IM. Ok, ok, so I don't mean a truly random IM like "Emancipated pudding hurlers!" or anything like that. I mean specifically IMs out of the blue from complete strangers who read my blog and just want to wave hello. It happens, you know, every now and then. And it's just soooooo encouraging and heart-warming and other snugly stuff ending in -ing.

It is always so nice to meet readers inworld. Especially when they're friendly and don't bite. Some people are uncomfortable sending unsolicited IMs but I say sod it. Who is ever going to mind a hello from a potential new friend and a little ego rub?

Last night was just an occasion. There was me, just sat around, when up pops an IM from someone with a name seemingly from a 2nd century BC Sanskrit play. A little chat later and I nipped over to her skybox to chat a bit more although to be honest her prog rock radio feed was not quite my personal cup of tea ;)

We ended up just hanging a while and discussing music tastes, AO peculiarities and what SL means to each of us. Most pleasant.

She said, that from reading my blog, she picked up that I "get" SL. I am not sure I agree. I don't "get" SL. It is more that I get what SL is for me. It's different for everyone and it just takes some time sometimes to work it out for yourself.

I know I've talked about it before, and to be honest, I am sure I'll cover it again, but heck, I'm gonna talk about it anyhow. It's my blog :p

So what exactly do I "get" about SL and what it is for me?

SL is different for all of us. I don't make it more than it is and I definitely don't make it less than it is. For me it's a way to meet friends. And a way to see nice places. And a way to be blown away by the imagination and creativity of others. It really is that simple. SL just fills the gaps in RL.

With that general umbrella arching over everything I do in SL, as if I'm ever going to mind a random IM from a blog reader. So if you're sat there reading but don't know me. Say hello sometime. I won't bite either.

Oh, and as a last thought - "Eggs have no business dancing with rocks" says the old Italian proverb. Just a little something for you to contemplate over the weekend.


  1., I am kinda shy...but since I have enjoyed reading your blog so much (shhh,mostly while I am working...don't tell on me), I think I'll try to say hi to you inworld. However, even though you say you're an ordinary bloke, I have to admit that I have given you that "up on a pedastal" position. lol...I feel like a stalker sometimes reading your blog. You know, not really knowing someone, but learning about their life, their thoughts and's just kinda odd....but I've enjoyed it, so thank you : )

  2. I'm hoping I'll see an SL group titled "Emancipated Pudding Hurlers" soon. It reminds me of that episode of _The Goodies_ about the Lancashire martial art "ecky-thump", in which black puddings are used as a weapon.


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