Saturday, June 27, 2009

The circle of life

As one little chick is taken away from us, so another takes his first breath of life as the egg cracks open.

Marmalade's egg hatched and Iss named the little fella Sparky.

And after the disaster with my first egg I decided to try again. Twice, to make sure. Meet my girl chick McDonald, and my boy chick MacGregor.

So now we have Duke and Pinky, the roosters; Cupcake, Skye and Marmalade, the hens; and Sparky, MacGregor and McDonald, the baby chicks. Iss told me that that's enough for now. Did I mention I'm a bit of an obsessive though? Oops. I promised her just one more for now. I haven't had my rooster, Pinky, be responsible for an egg. And I think he deserves it. So he's currently in with Skye. He doesn't seem interested at the moment. I do hope the name isn't a reflection of his orientation, so to speak...

Oh, here's a question I'd not thought of before - do the hen and the rooster have to be owned by the same person? I'd not thought of that. If so that might present a problem. Skye is owned by Iss. For now. Hehe...

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