Monday, June 29, 2009


Ever since Pinky and Skye did the deed earlier today, I've noticed a change in them. After Skye was 'with egg' Iss separated them, putting her back with the other hens and the chicks while putting Pinky in the pen next to them.

Only they've both spend every moment since virtually glued to the fence, gazing through the links at each other, making googoo eyes and such stuff. I would move Pinky further away but the last thing I need is a couple of delinquent teen runaways to track down.

Tell me if I'm boring you, won't you?


  1. I thought she would stop pining but it seems she is really got goo-goo eyes for Pinky. It must be his extremely masculine name!

  2. Either that or else he was just really good

  3. perhaps ... but i'm not going to personally find out


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