Thursday, June 4, 2009

We call it home

I keep forgetting to tell you all, our homelessness has been solved. It looks like we might have a place to call home, thanks for a good friend of Iss's.

At the moment it's a giant slab of chocolate but it'll hold our house, and the rent's cheap so it works for me.

The outstanding question though, is how do I prevent the chickens from plunging to a gravitorial end as they lemming and then splash?


  1. Easy peasy solution for you...

    Chop their heads off, pluck'em and have a roast dinner. I promise they'll never fall off the edge ever. ooOOoo - dont forget to use a good stuffing.

    Note to self: Dont press 'Post Comment' in case I offend anyone.

    Opps. too late...

  2. ROFL!! Banana, you are quite brilliant! Of course all of my co-workers are wondering what is so damned funny about my work today.


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