Saturday, June 27, 2009

The gallery

So I finally got inworld last night. And the first thing I did was head on over to Ghambt. I just had to check out the exhibition.

I feel so proud to have been part of this. All credit must go to incredible Tym for doing all of the legwork, but it is amazing how a simple blogpost has grown and grown. It was quite overwhelming to see the final results, all there in peachy spendour.

If you've not been yet, please go and look around. It is so much more than just a collection of buttpics. For me the whole art revolves around the participation, the way so many people thought it all through, decided on a pose, a location, post-photo effects etc. The art is about the collection of the process in one place, as much as about the photos. But that's just me. And I'm not an expert or anything.

It is in some small way my SLegacy. If I go and never return, I can at least say, in part, I did this.

Thank you, Tymmerie. Thank you, all of you.


  1. Hey! I'm nekkid in sl!

  2. LOL! YW! You had a great idea! I hope you do not mind that I used *your* image for the signs. It was a blast. If anyone wishes to visit, the pics will be up through the 30th of June. Here is the SLURL:

    If any participants want their pic from the gallery, let me know and I will send it to you in world. (Otherwise, I am just going to delete them as I take things down.)

  3. You started this and Tym finished it. I was at the opening and it was so nice to meet some SL bloggers, too bad you were not there, the guy that started the butt monster, LOL


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