Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanderer returns

I am back. Did ya miss me?

As my return edged ever closer I found myself craving with ever increasing vigour the double click on the SL icon on m desktop. And now it is almost here, I sit here, nervous with anticipation.

It seems I have moved again, or at least have been moved. More details when I have them. I have been promising myself a trip to a clothes shop I can't quite remember the name of. I am finally going to enter the world of the chicken, about six weeks after everyone else. And of course, there's Iss to catch up with.

I missed the BBBC thingy while I was away, which was a little careless as that would have been right up my street.

It's going to be weird logging on during the day. Some people I know might actually be around for a change.



  2. I gave you all warning I'd be away to stop you worrying, Nana


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