Saturday, June 27, 2009

This how you do it

I have been reading recently about Meara Deschanel's exploits in chicken farming. Today she most kindly agreed to give me a tour of her facility. And believe me, it is a facility.

She's got this whole big barn thing going on (which looks wonderful, btw) with areas for hens and mating pairs and rare chickens and all sorts. And she's got a skybox for baby roosters not yet of mating age. And another skybox filled with chicks.

I was really quite overwhelmed. It's an awesome project. I won't give a slurl for it, because it's her private farm, and that's not my place to do that. If you want a tour, then you'll have to ask her nicely yourself. Just don't bug her about it. Or I'll get in trouble. But you can tell her I said nice things.

Thank you, Meara, for the tour, and for answering all my chick-noob questions :)


  1. Hey... thats my barn! rofl

  2. Awww, thank you Marnix! It was my pleasure! :D


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