Saturday, June 27, 2009

It begins

OK, so I am about six weeks late entering the craze, but I finally got here. And if you've been reading you'll have seen why I was so delayed in grabbing the tailfeathers of the passing band-chicken.

I expected on arriving home and finally getting inworld that I would have to begin from scratch. I have been following various and numerous chicken sagas in blogs and thought I had everything all in place to go and get what I needed. But wait, I arrived home (to our new home, but more about that later) to find a wonderful surprise. Iss had been busy.

There was a rooster coop, and fenched area for hens, and five little chickens - Marmalade, Cupcake and Skye (the hens) and Duke and Pinky (the roosters). She wanted us to have a chicken family already on the go for when I arrived home.

They are all quite young but in the last day or so had reached maturity and Duke, I hear, had been giving Marmalade the glad-eye. She'd resolutely kept her legs crossed though, awaiting my return, it seems.

And I didn't have to wait long. Within five minutes or TP-ing to our new house, she suddenly had an egg %. Duke had done the deed. Iss and I sat there for a bit, explored the new house for a bit, and sat there for a bit. And slowly the egg % crept up and up. Until finally, we had our first egg...

Marmalade is going to be our first mummy hen.

Along with a few other cool welcome home presents from Iss (how lovely is she, eh?) I had a box full of chicken stuff - egg protector things, chicken crates, a bunch of LMs and also some eggs for me.

We put out Marmalade's egg to hatch, along with one of mine. But then jetlag caught up with me and I had to log. The anticipation of logging on today is killing me.

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