Monday, July 6, 2009

And then there were 12

I know. I'm addicted. I just can't help myself.

Although Iss and I have banned ourselves from hatching any more eggs. We have six roosters now, y'see, and the coop I purchased only has seven sections - one for each rooster and one for the laydee-hens. We can't risk another rooster. I'm not definitely not gonna drown any boy chick in our pond at birth and no-one seemed to liked my idea of raising roosters for cock-fighting, so hatching is off limits.

We will just have to make do with our female brood of Marmalade, Skye, Cupcake, McDonald, McKenzie & McLeod, and the boy-chicks of Duke, Pinky, Sparky, MacGregor, MacAlister & McLaren. It's enough to keep us busy.


  1. well I did agree with the cock-fighting and if memory serves me correctly it was not I who baulked at the idea ;)

  2. How expensive its it to keep 12 chickens? ZOMG!

  3. It's different, Iss, is they're bred for fighting. But our current ones are domesticated. A different kettle of fish...erm...chicken entirely.

    And Tym, expensive is as expensive does, as my nan used to say. Or something.


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