Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chicken contraception

Iss decided she wanted a white chicken so she bought an egg (officially the colour of the egg was 'Cloud') and hatched it. It was a little boy chicken and she named him McNally.

Fair's fair, everyone knows that, so to create some balance and harmony in the world I hatched an egg too. A little girl chicken who I named McGonigle.

We'd agreed to stop at 12. That was plenty. So now we're at 14 and we've really decided to stop. Only mother nature had other ideas and Iss logged in the other morning to find she'd left a little suprise for us. Meet McBain, the accident. The range of radiostatic thing obviously doesn't quite reach far enough.


  1. Darn, I need a sim fast, I want more chickens.. I'm not allowed to breed with them now, the Landlord doesn't want it cause of stuff that happened with chickens before, grrr
    But congrats with the new little one:-))

  2. and now there are three more ...


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