Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick and painless

While Iss and I were still filled with the bloodlust we decided to rebalance the female to male ratio of our brood. Farewell, Sparky and McAlpine. A quick twist of the neck and it was done.

That left us with six roosters and eight hens. I was feeling a bit low though so to give myself a bit of a boost I made the unilateral decision to hatch the new wave egg I bought a few weeks ago filled with the resolve that would mean a long swim at the bottom of our pond should a baby rooster burst forth from the cracked shell in due course.

I retired to the house, made myself comfortable, rezzed the egg and waited.

And waited. And waited. And then Iss turned up and she joined the waiting.

Finally the egg split asunder and out popped a fluffy baby girl, McVittie. To help reduce lag we decided to keep her apart, for now, from the rest of the chickens. So we have a house fowl. After she recovered her energy after hatching she seemed to quite enjoy exploring, running down behind the sofa, messing around at the base of the cockatiel stand and gazing longingly out of the window towards the coops in the garden.

All this chicken slaughter has kept Iss and I a little preoccupied of late, but now that it was all over, we decided just to hang out for a while. A quick change into some smart clothes later and it seemed an opportune moment to dance a little on the deck as the moon hung low over the ocean.

You know, I guess I should explore a bit and write about that, or maybe blog some SLoul SLearching or something. I don't want to bore you all with chicken shit the whole time, do I?

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