Friday, July 17, 2009

Being creative

I made my first outfit a couple of days ago. No, I don't mean I created an outfit. Don't be silly. I mean that I made an outfit, out of existing stuff I own.

I know most of you do this sort of thing all the time, but the places I mainly shop mainly have complete outfits. They're themed complete sets of clothes that in so many ways only work with the items they were designed to work with. As such, mixing-and-matching hasn't really existed for me before.

But I got to thinking, perhaps I do own some stuff that would work in that way. So I had a search and a play and a mess and came up with this little ensemble below. It's a little more casual that the usual stuff that can be seen adorning my frame but it's nice for a change.


  1. Now you have to tell us where you got all of that. You knew that, right? ;)


  2. I have to be careful though, Q. We don't want this turning into a fashion blog do we?

    And thank you, Melissa :)


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