Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home to roost

Up until a short while ago our chickens had a very nice coop. It had outer rooms for each rooster and a central ring for the hens and baby chicks. It was a very nice coop and our chickens were very happy.

But, as with all things, very nice sometimes isn't quite enough. Especially when you think you might at some point want more chickens perhaps in the future as a middle-to-long term plan that's definitely not immediately now. And the old coop, although very nice, would not have room for any more roosters. And I couldn't in good conscience hatch an egg knowing that if it ended up being a boy he'd be cast into the swirling depths of the nearby pond.

So we needed a new coop. And the joy that is Xstreet assists in shopping while away from SL. Nay, not assists, but more demands. Or necessitates perhaps.

A deep and intensive search of the bowels of Xstreet yielded returns. Actually, the coop I ended up choosing was at the top of the list, a featured item, half-price too, but the comprehensive search that followed was necessary to make sure nothing better was hidden on page 17, for example.

So here it is, in its glory, lovingly modelled by the designer on an actual North Carolina hen house builded by her grandpa. It's not only nice, it's actually quite lovely. And I don't say that lightly.

And a bonus thing about it is the mini-coops you get with the big one. You can use them for your roosters to keep the randy buggers out of the hen house, so to speak. Well, literally. To literally keep them out of the hen house. Liberally scatter them around and suddenly it all feels quite rustic. Plus, because they're copiable, you can rez as many as you like when your squad of roosters happens sometime in the non-foreseeable future to acquire new recruits.

On a final note, I must just big up the designer, Ms Holly Klaxon. As well as designing a quite lovely little hen house she also is the model of perfect customer service. There was an issue with the rooster coops that I won't go into now, but she responded quickly and effectively, and provided a solution. Holly, I applaud you.


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