Friday, July 3, 2009


Who can tell me what the link is between the following words - ryou, entropy, moonchild, dominion, cygene & wraith? Hands up. Anyone?

I'll put you out of your misery, they are all names of outfits designed by the admirable Hyasynth Tiramisu for ~silentsparrow~. And more than that, they are all outfits etc etc that I purchased the other day on a shopping splurge. Gothic Victorian Eclectic is how the clothes are described. Yes. I concur.

I love her stuff. It really is what kinda fits me and who I am in SL.

But I have a gripe. How is it that the best shops always have the worst lags? Even when they're empty. House of Rfyre is unfortunately another I'd put in the same category. Love the clothes. Hate the lag.

It really is the definition of frustration.

Oh, and yes, I really do need to improve my PS skills. I need lessons, I think.

Oh, and yes (squared), can anyone tell me how to set the direction I am looking when I'm trying to take photos. I look distracted in most photos, like there's something interesting going on just off-screen.


  1. Sometimes a pose/AO will interfere but if you click on an object your face will focus on it.

  2. Your eyes will follow your mouse. Move your snapshot window around til your eyes are at a place you want it. Also - VR Foundry has a cool emoter hud - I have it with their posestand and its kewllll. (poses not included)


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