Monday, September 28, 2009

I filled a sim!

So, the big gallery launch finally came and went. You should ask others for a second opinion but I think it went well. At least it seemed to, when I wasn't crashing. I am told that some people couldn't TP into the sim because it was full. That's got to be a good thing, right? I never knew before the party that you could only have 40 people in a sim at any one time. I'm learning new things every day.

So yeah, it was great to have so many friends, of both SL and plurk flavours, turn up to support me and hear the live music of Shane Kirshner. There were even people there I didn't know. Like, strangers and everything. Maybe some of that publicity worked after all.

One thing about filling a sim, I discovered, is that it makes it incredibly hard to do anything. Like move. Or cam. Or breathe. Fortunately some people did manage to stumble into the gallery from by the stage outside to have a look at my work though. That was kinda why we were all there after all.

Shane's performance was brilliant. Even more so given it was 6am for her when she kicked off. She even managed to throw in a bit of impromptu French, reading from a French textbook she had lying around. Now you don't get that sort of variety performance with just any run-of-the-mill musician, you know.

Things all ran really quite smoothly in the end. Despite my worries. For everyone who contributed in the run-up (and you know who you are) I thank you all most deeply. It meant an awful lot to have your support and encouragement. Take as an example the friend who disappeared ten minutes before a party gets under way, wearing a shimmering silver ball gown to track down champagne and a chocolate fondue.

I even had a certain someone agree to be my date for the party too. Don't we look cute together in our gothic-casual attire?

And the final result of the opening? Well, I had hoped people would come along and enjoy the party, enjoy my art and that maybe it would get my name out there a little. And if I sold a few paintings, so much the better. I think it was mission accomplished. And I sold 15 pieces too, so it nearly reimbursed me for the cost of the vendor I bought the other day and spent hours setting but that no-one bought anything from. You live and learn, eh?

I'm not quite sure who arranged the security though, but it thankfully proved an unnecessary precaution.

Oh, and thank you, Lysi, so much for the photos. It is very much appreciated!


  1. It was suchg a nice event!! Congratulations, Marnix!

  2. It was a very nice event indeed! Shane was awesome, you sold some art and your date was wicked hot. I'd so do her.

  3. Three very good points, Ulaa :)
    What more could a boy-about-SL want, eh?


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